Windows 10 Search Bar Gone Missing? Here’s How To Get It Back

Windows 10 Search Bar Gone Missing? Here’s How To Get It Back

Windows search bar is such an important tool in Windows 10. You can type and instantly get access to any functionality or tool with a mere click. But, what would you do if the search bar goes missing in Windows 10? Worry not! Needn’t stop, here are some easy fixes that will help you get your search bar back in no time at all.

What To Do If Windows 10 Search Bar Goes Missing?

Fixes For “Windows 10 Search Bar Disappeared” At A Glance
1. Use The Taskbar To Get Search Bar Back
2. Switch Off The Tablet Mode
3. Enabling Search Bar Using The Registry Editor
4. Try Changing Your Primary Display
5. Run SFC In The Command Prompt
6. Change The Position Of The Taskbar

1. Use The Taskbar To Get Search Bar Back

search bar missing windows 10

If your search bar has disappeared from Windows 10, needn’t go anywhere else. You can get it back right from your Taskbar. It could be that the search bar is actually hidden and you can unhide it using the Taskbar.

  1. Right-click on your Windows 10 Taskbar and a pane would pop up
  2. Click on the arrow key next to the Search option
  3. Check either Show search icon or Show search box

You will now be able to get your missing Windows 10 search box back.

2. Switch Off The Tablet Mode

Windows 10 has come with a new feature called the tablet mode which is designed to be used with a touchscreen. You will be able to use all your software and applications but won’t be able to use Windows 10 search bar. It is quite possible that you have accidentally enabled it and if your Windows search bar is missing because of this reason, you may have to disable the tablet mode. To do that –

  1. Click on the Action Center which you will be able to see at the bottom right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can press Windows+A keys and the Action Center would pop up

windows 10 search bar missing

  1. Now, click on the Tablet mode and disable it

windows search bar missing

       3. Turn Off “Use Small Taskbar Buttons”

search bar disappeared windows 10

If your Windows 10 search bar is still missing even after enabling search bar in the taskbar and switching off the tablet mode, then you can try toggling off the “Use small taskbar buttons”

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings
  2. On the right hand side locate Use small taskbar buttons
  3. Toggle the switch to the left

Alternatively you can do the same by following these steps –

  1. Press Windows + I keys to open the Settings
  2. Click on Personalization
  3. From the left hand pane choose Taskbar
  4. From the right-hand side toggle off Use small taskbar buttons

3. Enabling Search Bar Using The Registry Editor

Registry editor can be a solution to many problems in Windows 10 and if your Windows 10 search bar has gone missing, the registry editor can resolve this issue too. But, before moving forward, it is advisable that you backup registries well in advance so that if mistakenly you make wrong changes, you have a restore point from where you can get back your old registries.

  1. Press Windows + R keys and in the Run dialog box type Regedit
  2. Click on Yes when User Account Control prompt appears
  3. Once the Registry Editor window opens navigate to the below mentioned path

Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Search

In case if you are unable to find the Search key, you may have to create one. Right-click on the CurrentVersion and choose New. Then click on Key and name it Search

  1. Inside the right panel, right-click on an empty space click on New > DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it as SearchboxTaskbarMode
  2. Double click on SearchboxTaskbarMode and then under Base check the Hexadecimal radio button and enter 2 as the Value Data
  3. Click OK
  4. Now, close the Registry Editor and restart your computer

4. Try Changing Your Primary Display

windows 10 search box missing
Source: Microsoft

In case you are using multiple monitors and see that Windows 10 search bar is missing then this means that your existing display is not your primary display. To change the primary display follow the steps mentioned below –

  1. Press Windows + I keys and open Settings
  2. Click on System and then click on Display
  3. Click on the Identify button and you should see “1”
  4. Select the monitor that you desire to make your primary monitor
  5. Scroll down to find Multiple displays section and check the box which says Make this my main display

5. Run SFC In The Command Prompt


Your Windows 10 search bar can also go missing because of corrupt system files. These can easily be fixed using SFC command in the command prompt. Now, let’s assume that you are neither able to see the search bar nor are you able to see the search icon, then how would you type cmd to open the command prompt. You can try pressing the shortcut for search i.e. Windows + S keys and then type cmd. Now click on Run as administrator and once the command prompt opens type the below mentioned command


This process would take some time, so wait for the process to complete.

6. Change The Position Of The Taskbar

One of the best things about Windows 10 taskbar is that you can reposition it and place it anywhere. When you do that search bar changes to a search icon. So, you can place the Taskbar back at the bottom of the screen and have your search bar back.

To Wrap Up

We hope that the above fixes have been able to get you your missing search bar back. While these are some of the fastest and the easiest ways to get missing Windows 10 search bar, if you have a better way, do shoot that in the comment section below. For more content on Windows 10 troubleshooting and other tech-related stuff, keep reading Tweak Library. Also, follow us on Facebook and YouTube for your daily dose of technology.

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