WhatsApp is Testing a Feature That Lets You ‘revoke’ Unread Messages You Sent Prematurely

WhatsApp is Testing a Feature That Lets You ‘revoke’ Unread Messages You Sent Prematurely

Isn’t WhatsApp one of the best thing to happen in messaging service? Undoubtedly it is. WhatsApp has always succeeded in setting a benchmark for all the other messaging apps. WhatsApp above all the competitors always has something new in its bag. It’s exciting features are something that everyone waits for eagerly. And now there again is something very fresh and new waiting to be released soon.
The buzz is, company is all set to come up with some exciting features for the users that will for sure make them jump with joy.

Latest in the bulletin, Facebook-owned messenger is checking the potential to recall and edit sent messages.  With the revoke feature, you can easily edit or revise the sent messages. This means you can delete or revise a message within 5 minutes even after the receiver has technically received the message. This feature is a part of WhatsApp Web 0.2.4077 update and would be available very soon.
Isn’t the feature way too helpful? Many times, we tend to send wrong or unwanted messages in a hurry but now with this newly introduced feature, we will easily be able to edit or revoke the already sent messages.

Users though have the ease of revising messages; it can be done only when the receiver hasn’t read the message. On WhatsApp, a blue tick signifies that the receiver has read the message. If the message has simply been received by a phone but is still not read — with grey tick marks. In other words — the feature still works.
Since the feature is still in beta testing, there is no guarantee when or if it will be more widely available.

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