What Is Pharming And How To Protect Yourself

what is pharming

What is Pharming ?

Pharming is a cybercrime in which users are redirected to fake lookalike website of a genuine website. Fake websites contain malicious links and software. Once user clicks on the links or download the malicious software, all the important information will be sent to attackers.

Types of pharming:

There are two types of pharming.

  • In the first type of pharming, attackers install viruses and malwares onto the victim’s system which redirects the victim to the fake website. Fake website will look like legitimate website, when you enter any information onto these fake websites it will be transferred to attackers.
  • Second type of pharming is very dangerous, in this attack criminals use DNS cache poisoning to divert user to a fake website, whenever user tries to visit a genuine website.

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How to Recognize Pharming?

It can be impossible to recognize a pharming attack as the websites can be designed exactly the same way as the legitimate websites. However, you can always check the url of the website to make sure it is named correctly. Also, always try to visit https websites, where s stands for secure.

How to Stop Pharming?

Basically, your ISP will filter fake redirection of websites and will shut down any fraudulent websites. Always make sure that a good security software is installed on your system which will remove any malicious files and applications from your system which redirects users on the fake websites.

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How to Protect Yourself from Pharming?

  • Always make sure to check the URL of the websites you are visiting.
  • Always visit recognized websites and use trustworthy ISP.
  • Use good security software to recognize fake websites.
  • Do not visit suspicions websites.
  • Do not download files and software from unauthorized/unknown sources.
  • Do not click on unknown links.
  • Always keep firewall installed and enabled on your system.
  • Install a good security software on your system.

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It is always necessary to keep good security on your system. Pharming can harm your system and all your important details can be stolen. In this online world all our information like personal details, banking details and all other information is stored online and this information can be stolen and can be misused by attackers for their personal gain.

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