What Is Google Play Services?

What Is Google Play Services?

Android devices come with lots of pre-installed applications which are from Google and third-party companies. We can check the list of all these installed apps from the Settings option of the device. While browsing these apps most of us find an application known as Google Play Services which holds a large memory of the device. However, we have never used it or launched it. So why this app is installed, if it is never used by us? Let’s explore it.

What is Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is an application from Google which is pre-installed and works in the background of Android devices. Basically, it is used to update Google apps and other apps from Google play. It works as an important component in an Android device and provides core functionality which includes authentication to our Google services, synchronizing contacts, access to the latest user privacy settings and higher quality, lower-powered location based services. It also speeds up offline map searches and provides more clear maps. Moreover, it enhances our app and gaming experience.
In short, we can say that Google Play Services manages how other apps can access all the different Google APIs.

Most commonly used APIs of Google Play Services:

There are different Google API (Application programming interface) of Android device which is driven by the Google Play Services. Below is a list of such components:
Google Cast Android API: 
Google Cast Android API helps to extend Android apps to display their content on a television or sound system.
Google Play Game Services API: 
It helps to integrate gaming features such as leaderboards, achievements, real-time multiplayer in Android games.
Google Maps API: 
It allows applications and web pages to use Google Maps for their user. These apps and web pages can add their own data on top of Maps.
Google Drive Android API: 
It is used by apps for interacting with Google Drive and allows them to use it as a storage as well as file manipulation.
Google Mobile Ads API: 
It helps Android apps to display ads.
Google Wallet Instant Buy API: 
It helps Android apps to integrate with Google Wallet to provide an easy way of payment.
Google+ API: 
It helps to integrate Android app with Google+, which enables a user to sign in using google account.
To provide the better experience while using the Google and other apps, Google Play Services integrates its services in them. It not only helps a user to use the apps with Google features, but also it provides a nice platform for app developers. I believe that now you get a basic idea about the importance of Google Play Services in Android device.

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