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What Gamers Need to Know Before the Big Event: E3 2019
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What Gamers Need to Know Before the Big Event: E3 2019

E3 2019 is round the corner. Gamers, developers and all the big titles in the entertainment industry are going to gather at E3. The event will take place from June 11 – 13, 2019, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

E3 brings new and existing partners, gamers, industry executives, and social influencers providing unprecedented exposure to the entire video game industry, under one roof. But before the three-day event starts there are some exciting announcements – Google confirming Stadia Connect launch details with the price, Pokemon Direct, and Destiny 2 event.

E3 2019

But the biggest set back for E3 this year is, big names like SONY and EA will not attend the main event. Instead, they will host their Pre E3 event to bring out new games and future plans. However, you’ll be able to see other big developers and publishers like Microsoft, Nintendo, Square Enix, and Bethesda and others are E3. They will announce their future plans, launch new titles, new trailers, and new devices.

Different companies have started to make announcements about their involvement and some details about what they are coming with.E3 schedule is already out. Here we talk about pre E3 events which will take place individually.

What will happen on Thursday, June 6?

Google has already confirmed that will showcase Stadia (cloud gaming service) at E3. Plus, Google will share more details about it with the public. Google’s event will take place on June 6 Thursday 9 AM PT and is called Stadia Connect. Google will reveal launch information, price and games information in this event. Google has plans for the future of Stadia and will host more events in the future.

What will happen on Saturday, June 8?

At 1 PM PT Microsoft will hold its conference for Xbox. It is expected that Microsoft will announce its new gaming consoles and will share details about new Halo game i.e. Halo Infinite, but these haven’t been confirmed.

Bethesda: Bethesda a gaming giant will also hold a press conference at 5:30 PM PT. We expected to hear about future projects and general updates for the games.

Devolver Digital is an American indie game publisher which will host its press conference at 7 PM PT. We don’t know what they will come up with, but we are sure that it will be worthwhile.

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What will happen on Monday, June 10?

PC Gaming Show run by PC Gamer will take place at 10 AM PT. Other big developers are scheduled to present in this event like Chucklefish, Annapurna Interactive, Epic Games, and many more. This event is expected to provide us with the upcoming gaming titles.

Limited Run Games will hold its event at 12 PM PT, Limited Run Games is a company that provides physical games physical versions of the digital-only games for PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch. Although no announcements have been done they will showcase upcoming games and their future plans.

Ubisoft responsible for games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance, Prince of Persia, Rayman, Raving Rabbids, and Tom Clancy’s will hold its conference at 1 PM PT. It is rumored that Watch Dogs along with other games are will be unveiled but we are not sure what Ubisoft has in mind. But Ubisoft will turn the heads around in its conference.

Kinda Funny a media company will host its event at 4:30 PM PT. Although no announcements have been made we are sure that we will see extended looks at different games.

Square Enix gaming giant famous for its role-playing games will be live for its E3 presentation at 6 PM PT. Gamers are waiting for the new titles that Square Enix has to offer but no specific games have been confirmed as of now.

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What will happen on Tuesday, June 11?

Nintendo will begin its broadcast at 9 AM PT on Tuesday, June 11. We will learn about new Nintendo Switch titles upcoming in 2019.

What will happen from June 11 to 13?

Soon the Gates for E3 will open. So be ready with your badge to enter and explore the biggest entertainment world.

Things that will happen at E3, includes latest games release, updates, new games with the trailers and new devices launch. E3 this year will be big as compared to previous ones.

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