Trends in Gaming


The gaming is technology based pastime. It has been changing so fast, creating a lot of uncertainty over the direction in which the industry is headed. Some people say it is its golden era.

Mobile Gaming

Earlier, it was video games that were a rage but now mobile devices have taken over. The development companies are having great time with new small addictive gaming apps. Here, it is a lottery approach. Their small investment is giving them huge profits. The large games invite huge investment and that may or may not provide the expected results.

Cloud Gaming

This another interesting trend coming up. The idea is subscription game. This trend is already available in some online games. The processing and storage is handled in the cloud by the gamers and sign up for the gaming service. This service permits the gamers to receive the revenue on constant basis and update the game side by side. They do not have to invest much at one go. The hardcore gamers are stuck to the game and if the internet connection is lost then they have no other alternative but to wait for the net restoration.

User Generated Content

All industries have some people who look interested in improving their products. The gaming industry people should be encouraged to look this way also. The pointers may be a puzzle game, role-playing game, first-person shooter or any other genre. The gamers should put more emphasis on user-generated content. Customization of levels, quests, game mechanics has proved popular. The game franchises could change games from a one-time purchase to a platform as a service model will scale up this concept. This will keep the users invested in improving the overall product.

Retouching Required

Several technological leaps have been made in gaming in the last 20 years like experimentation with alternative control methods, 3-D gaming and so on. Motion controls, as in the popular Nintendo Wii and Wii U, may not replace controllers completely, but they will open whole new gaming areas in fitness and simulation as the technology improves. 3-D gaming is also far from fully developed and could lead to games that are more like interactive art than anything with a storyline. These old trends still have a lot of potential that may inspire new trends in gaming.


As in all other games, the perfect execution is required. The gaming industry requires that kind of potential, the future will always be bright. Otherwise, as the saying goes, there is always another life, another chance and another trend to jump on before the game is over.

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