Top Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security Tools You Need to Know

Top Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security Tools You Need to Know

Experts were considering Artificial Intelligence in cyber security as a silver bullet to wage war against cybercrimes. But recent AI based malware attack has shaken the very foundation of this emerging technology. DeepLocker, the hidden malware based on Artificial intelligence has efficaciously managed to challenge giant organizations. Now, AI is being questioned for its uncontainable power with the ability to generate a new and improved breed of malware.

Insight into DeepLocker

This hidden malware has managed to duck even the sternest cyber security arrangements. It uses AI software model and its associated features like geolocation, facial recognition, and voice recognition to launch attacks on defined targets.

The technology of AI promised safe and secure cyber-future, free of hacks and thefts. As a result, companies working with cyber security specialist started investing in AI-based system to scrutinize large data and identify threats beforehand. After this attack, some have lost faith in this system and no longer intend to make it a necessity for cybersecurity.

AI: A Necessity or Threat

This recent attack has turned the table upside down and that is the beauty of technology. It can help world survive but can assist in mass destruction as well. As far as AI is concerned, it has its own pros and cons and can be mastered by both hackers and developers. This attack is the proof that we will witness more AI based attacks in future and to survive this battle, we can either use cutting-edge technology better than AI or fight with the same weapons. For now, there is no advanced technology than Artificial Intelligence and hence, it is better to take some necessary precautions, create a shield against next AI based attack and make use of Artificial Intelligence cyber security tools.

Darktrace Antigena

Darktrace has turned talks about AI in cybersecurity to reality and proved itself as a world leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Its product Antigena is an operational self-defense system with the ability to detect and defuse threat automatically. The system reacts to the threat in real-time basis and takes actions as per the severity of the attack.

Source: BTVI

Antigena magnifies Darktrace’s central competencies to identify and imitate the operation of digital antibodies that recognize and counterbalance hazards and viruses. It uses Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System to detect suspicious action and respond in real-time, based on the gravity of the hazard. Use of Artificial Intelligence in cyber security is necessary and keeping this in mind, Antigena units can control machine and user access to message protocols, internet, and network connection via many of its AI powered products.

With the support of fundamental machine learning technology, Darktrace Antigena acknowledges and defends against unidentified menaces as they grow without human intervention. With such mechanized response competencies and application of Artificial Intelligence in security, administrations can counter threats swiftly, without disturbing the usual workflow of businesses.

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Symantec’s Targeted attack analytics (TAA) tool

Developed by Symantec with the aim to expose covert and trained attacks, this tool is an amalgamation of AI and machine learning. Talking about the achievements of this tool, last year it managed to fight and disable Dragonfly 2.0 attack that aimed to intrude into operational networks of various companies. For now, the priority of this company is to release products, where customers can recognize threats without any outside assistance and eventually take effective response.

Source: BTVI


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With the help of Machine Learning, they are taking intelligence developed by their research team to next level and empowering customers to tackle threats with efficiency. With great records and amazing features, TAA tools examine attacks within the network against the episodes discovered in their Symantec threat data lake. TAA exposes fishy activities at every endpoint and organizes that data to ascertain whether each act signifies veiled suspicious activity.

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IBM QRadar Advisor

IBM has gained its reputation for Watson technology and this tool of IBM uses same technology along with Artificial Intelligence to fight cybercrimes. QRadar aims to auto-examine threat indicators by using cognitive reasoning that delivers vital data instantly. With the help of this advanced technology, security professionals can detect and analyze threats beforehand and hence, decrease the incidents.

Source: Security Intelligence


Some of the highlights of this IBM QRadar Advisor are scheduled examination of incidents, delivering intelligent reasoning, recognizes threats with high severity and offering core insights on assets and users. This tool can examine threats by excavating local data with the help of observables for collecting larger data for next incident. It can also get access to information about threats that whether they have crossed defense layers or blocked.

With the help of cognitive reasoning, they identify threats with ease and also expose related entities of previous incidents in the form of IP addresses and suspicious files. This tool allows you to get detailed insights about each incident, from malware attack to bypassing of layers and let you make the best decision. With User Behavior Analytics (UBA) App, you can recognize dubious activities coming from insiders by incorporating information with this app and understand the impact on system.

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Sophos’ Intercept X tool

Based on deep learning neural network, Intercept X of Sophos is a replication of human brain. Sophos is British based hardware company that also deals in security software. The birth of this tool can be attributed to US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for creating an algorithm which is now used in Intercept X. The Intercept X has been tried and verified on various third party’s platforms like NSS labs and has always scored high.

Source: TechTrendsKE


The USP of this tool is its ability to extract features from a file before it is executed. The tool performs critical analysis of the file and comes out with information in less than a second. Based on bi-directional sharing and real-time feedback of threats, it delivers results with great accuracy. The tool uses behavioral analysis to stop malware to enter into system and launch attacks.

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Vectra’s Cognito

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Based on AI software, Cognito of Vectra recognizes threats on a real-time basis. It allows automatic supervision, programmed analysis and threat detection with the help of algorithm based on the behavioral detection. This program assists in gathering network logs, metadata and cloud events. Also, it can examine each incident and stock them to identify veiled attackers in workflows and other devices.

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Currently, the only way to survive AI based attacks is to install Artificial intelligence cybersecurity tools. One of the best features of AI is that they learn and upgrade themselves automatically. As more information is exposed to them, they upgrade accordingly without human interference and reveal unique deviations to cyber security specialist.

This empowers organization to launch full-fledged attacks on hackers, who aims to intrude in the operational network. As the technology is expanding and newer perspectives are emerging, the scope of this technology is immense and fruitful. The unique combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in cyber security has the ability to redefine the complete bionetwork of cybersecurity.

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Experts are praising this unique combination of technology that can permanently put an end to cyber threats and hacking and deliver a platform of security and safety. However, the recent attacks are forcing people to see this as more like a product with pure vendor hype. However, you cannot completely ignore the positive aspects of this duo technology.

Most significantly, AI and machine learning are products of future and its real implementation can only be seen in future. For now, we can completely depend on human brain and its security gadgets. So, this was all about the top Artificial Intelligence cybersecurity tools you need to know. Do comment in the section below and share your opinion about the same.

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