Tips To Stay Safe From Cyber Attacks This Cyber Monday

Tips To Stay Safe From Cyber Attacks This Cyber Monday

More than 60% Americans are expected to participate in Cyber Monday sale this year. Thus, with such great participation, there is a huge risk of online shoppers getting targeted by cyber attackers and online fraudsters. Online shoppers may have already received Cyber Monday emails and pop-ups that look ‘amaaazing’. Beware of such false offers as they could steal both your personal and financial information along with the possibility of malware or other such attacks.

Therefore, to make your Cyber Monday as safer as possible, here are 10 great and easy tips that you can follow while shopping this Monday:-

  1. Shop from a Safe device

A device, be it your phone or PC  if not protected by an antivirus, is more prone to attacks. It means that every data i.e. credit card details, bank accounts, and personal information entered into your phone is at stake. Ensure that your operating system and every internet-facing apps are updated.

  1. Shop Through a Secure Connection

Ensure that the visited website has an HTTPS lock symbol for enhanced security. It keeps your data safe from packet sniffing software which is very important while purchasing online.

  1. Avoid Public Wifi

It is very easy for cybercriminals to attack you while shopping on public wifis as public wifi passwords are easily available. Hence, always choose secure home networks over public wifi while you shop online.

  1. Look For Deals Directly On Retailer’s Website Than Using Search Engines

If you know where to shop, directly visit the retailer’s websites rather than using search engines to go to the website. Moreover, if you come across great deals on search engines, search the exact offer in quotes. You will certainly find some warnings if the offer is a scam.

  1. Refrain From “Too Good To Be True” Pop-Ups

You will come across many pop-ups that look very tempting but lead you to malicious websites. Close them immediately and continue safe shopping. Again, refrain from fake deals on social media platforms especially on Facebook.

  1. Ignore Festive Emails With Attachments

Also, discard cyber Monday emails that have email attachments. The attachments may contain malware and hence, it is advisable to dump them at the earliest.

  1. Avoid using Debit Cards

Debit card transactions are comparatively less secure than credit cards. Hence, it is better to use credit cards as much as possible while shopping online. You may also use a prepaid shopping card with a fixed spending limit.

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  1. Review Your Bank And Credit Card Statements Regularly

Review your statements regularly for any fraudulent transactions. If found any, contact your bank immediately.

  1. Avoid Malicious QR Codes

Nowadays, attackers design malicious QR codes and place them on top of original OR codes. Therefore, it is best to avoid those codes.

  1. Choose Retailer’s App Over Web Browser If Shopping On Mobile

Retailers have better in-built security aspects on their apps over any mobile browser. Therefore, shop through an app if you are using mobiles to shop online.

Hope these tips keep you safe while shopping this Cyber Monday.

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