Tips To Create Secure Passwords To Protect Your Account

Tips To Create Secure Passwords To Protect Your Account

With an exponential increase in cyber-attacks, and new hacking techniques being developed, it is necessary to stay secured. Different ways are continuously being developed to keep date secure from hackers.

To keep important data safe, we need to give attention to password security. We need to create more secure passwords to have more security.

We have listed some tips to create more strong passwords, which will secure your accounts.

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  • Create Unique and Interesting Passwords
    Simpler the password more susceptible it is to hacks. Passwords must be unique. They must contain upper-case and lower-case letters. Passwords should also contain numbers and special characters.
  • Use Long Passwords
    Your passwords should be more than 8 characters and should contain alphabets, numbers, symbols and upper-case and lower-case letters.
    More the length of the passwords more secure it will be.
  • Do Not Use Same Passwords for Same Accounts
    Usually users prefer to use same password for different accounts. If you want to have more security you should use more than one password for different accounts.
    Main reason to use different is that if one account is hacked, your other accounts will still be safe as hackers have to guess other passwords as well.
  • Do Not Store Passwords on Your Systems
    Passwords should not be saved anywhere on your system. In case your system is compromised then hackers will have access to all your accounts.
  • Do Not Forget to Use Two-Factor or Multi Factor Authentication
    Adding extra security is always beneficial. If criminals have access to your passwords then they will not be able to gain access to your accounts.
    Enabling two-factor or multi factor authentication will add an extra layer to your security.
  • Avoid Automatic Login Feature
    Automatic login feature is useful, as it saves time and hassle to login again and again. However, having saved login information creates a loop in security, as anyone can gain access to your accounts without knowing login information.
  • Keep Track of Your Online Activity
    Your online activity reveals more information about you than you think. Your online activity will let criminals easily guess your passwords and security questions. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a check on your online activity and always be cautious about the information you share online.
  • Keep Changing Your Passwords
    Do not keep same passwords for long time, make sure that you are changing the passwords regularly. This will add a plus to your accounts security.

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Passwords are the key to all our online and social media accounts. Therefore, it is always advisable to make your passwords more strong and unique. You can use different combinations that you can remember. With advancements in technology we all should be concerned about security and keep our accounts secure.

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