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Slide To Shutdown- A Smiling Way To Shutdown Windows 8.1 and 10
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Slide To Shutdown- A Smiling Way To Shutdown Windows 8.1 and 10

We daily use computers at office or home to complete our important tasks. And sometimes we really get bored of doing the same things on the PC. This results to the lack of energy and negativity towards the work. However, if we do some changes in our PC to perform the same daily tasks, then it will be quiet relaxing and decrease our stress level.
So, let’s take the example of system shutdown. Daily we have to shut down the system after long stressful hours of work and to do so we have to follow the same procedure. What if we change the procedure to shut down our Windows 8.1 or 10 systems and add some fun? Yes, it will be happy ending after completing work and feel refreshed.
‘Slide to Shutdown’ is one of another method to shutdown a Windows 8.1 & 10 PC

What is ‘Slide to Shutdown’?

Microsoft provides different ways to shutdown a PC and Slide to Shutdown is one of the shutdown procedures provided for the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. By enabling this feature it will roll down the lock screen halfway on the desktop and to shutdown the PC, we just need to slide down that lock screen to the extreme lowest position.
Basically, it is a tool and the name of tool is SlideToShutDown.exe which can be easily searched in C:\Windows\System32 folder.

How to use ‘Slide to Shutdown’?

To use this feature simply add or create a shortcut of SlideToShutDown.exe on the desktop.
Create shortcut

  • To create its shortcut just go to C:\Windows\System32 folder and locate SlideToShutDown or SlideToShutDown.exe, then right click on it and move the mouse pointer on the ‘Send to’ and click on Desktop (create shortcut).

double click on the shortcut icon

  • Now double click on the shortcut.

Slide to shut down

  • Lock screen will roll down halfway on the desktop for 15 to 20 seconds; so, just drag this screen to the extreme bottom and system will get Shutdown.

Make it more funny
To use this feature with more fun, we can change the icon of shortcut with some funny picture. Also, we can change the slide screen picture by changing the lock screen image.
So, finding happiness is not so hard, we can even find it in shutting down the PC.

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