Secure Your Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot With These Tips

Secure Your Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot With These Tips

As we are living in a world where we need internet connectivity 24/7 it is certainly difficult to image life without it. We found ourselves almost handicapped if we have no Internet connectivity. But still in many parts of the world availability of internet access at every place is a dream. And that is where a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that keeps us connected on-the-go proves real handy. Yes, now free public hotspots are available in many places but still, they are not much secure. Moreover, they have their range, limit that does not allow to use the Internet the way you want.

Therefore, it is advisable to use your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot device. You have two options for using portable Wi-Fi hotspot, one is purchasing a portable hotspot device or use your smartphone as a portable hotspot device. But whichever option you choose, you need to secure your portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Tips to Secure Your Portable Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot

Although portable Wi-Fi hotspot is the best medium to keep connected with the Internet however if proper security measures are not followed then it can burn a hole in your pocket. Also since cellular data plans are still not as cheap as broadband plans therefore if someone else is using your mobile hotspot and that too without you being noticed then you are the one that has to pay those hefty data bills.

So, without much ado let’s quickly learn how to secure portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Use Robust Encryption for Your Wi-Fi Hotspot

This is the first layer of security for your portable hotspot devices. A strong encryption such as WPA2 protects your Wi-Fi hotspot from all the attackers whereas an outdated encryption method like WEP lets it wide open to attacks. Although most of the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device makers by default enables the latest encryption technique i.e. WPA2 however in case it is not enabled then first turn it on as currently it is considered as the most secure encryption method.

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Create a Custom Hotspot SSID

This is another security measure that will keep the security of your portable Wi-Fi hotspot intact. Before using your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot first change its default SSID to something unique and random. This will curb the desires of attackers that uses precomputed hash tables to crack the most common SSID. Therefore, a WPA2 encryption technique is alone not enough to secure your Wi-Fi hotspot if you are using default SSID.

Use a Sturdy Network Password

secure your portable Wi-Fi hotspot

As we all know that password is a gateway that once cracked will let your hotspot wide open for attackers. Also, since presently there is nothing like 2-step authentication method available for these portable Wi-Fi hotspots, therefore, one must choose a unique, lengthier password that is unable to crack. Also make sure to include smaller/lower case alphabets, numerals and special characters in your password.

Use Filtering and Blocking Features in Your Hotspot if Available

Though not all but some hotspots provide its users an additional mechanism of security i.e. port filtering. Using this security mechanism, you can block the ports that you feel are not required. Moreover, disabling unneeded ports and features minimizes the risk of attack as compared to the hotspots that have every feature and port enabled.

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Never Share Your Network Password

Passwords are something that are not meant to be shared, then no matter if it’s your network password. A shared password doubles the risk of security breach even though you have shared it with your best buddy. Also, it might be quite possible that you shared your network password with one of your friends and that friend has shared with his friend and so on. Moreover, if it necessary to share your password then change it once your friend no more needs it.

Limit the Connections to Your Hotspot

If it is only you who is using the portable Wi-Fi hotspot then it is not the greatest of an idea to allow the maximum number of connections to more than 1. Also in case you need to share your hotspot with other you can anytime increase the connection limit.

So, guys, these were some common tips that you can easily implement and protect your portable Wi-Fi hotspot from attackers.

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