Risks Of Using Pirated Windows 10

Risks Of Using Pirated Windows 10

In simple terms, Pirated Windows 10 is a copy of Windows 10 sold by someone who doesn’t own its intellectual property rights. It isn’t that a pirated Windows 10 doesn’t come without a license or a key. It does, but it is “cracked” i.e. the key is stolen and not the original copy distributed by Microsoft.

So, Can This Stolen Key Be Tracked?

The answer is Yes!

Whenever you attempt activating a copy of Windows using a stolen key, your IP is sent to Microsoft. This IP has details about your ISP short for Internet Service Provider who would pretty much reveal all your personal information and details about your Internet. Once, Microsoft has these details, the company can drag you to the court of law where you could be charged with a hefty fine.

How To Know If My Windows 10 Is Genuine Or Pirated?

To check whether you are using pirated Windows 10 or not, you need to check its activation status. If you see “Windows is activated” or any related message, you have a genuine version of Windows.

To check if you are using a pirated Windows 10 or not, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Update & Security

3. On the left-hand side locate Activation

4. If you don’t have pirated Windows 10 you will find “Windows is activated with a digital license” in the activation status

What Are The Risks Associated In Using Pirated Windows 10?

● Deactivation Of Your Windows By Microsoft

Yes! That’s true. Don’t be happy if someone is offering you Windows key for free or at a cost that is too good to be true don’t go for it.

It’s illegal to have and use pirated Windows 10. In simple terms, Microsoft knows (or will know eventually) whether or not you have a genuine copy of Windows.

You could get away as a consumer but if you are a business and using pirated Windows 10  and Microsoft finds out that your key is not legit, your Windows will be deactivated.

●  You Might Not Get The Latest Updates Released By Microsoft

windows update - pirated windows 10

Another thing that could happen if are running pirated Windows 10 is that you might get improper updates from Microsoft. Chances are that you might not even get any updates from Microsoft. Now, if you are wondering why these updates are important. Windows updates keep your computer protected from ransomware, malware, viruses and other programs that can munch on your crucial data.

This brings us to yet another important question and that is,

Is it right to update pirated Windows 10 (till you are able to)? The answer is No! Since a non-genuine Windows copy is not properly licensed or supported by Microsoft.

●  Malware And Hackers Could Hack Into Your PC

malware and hackers - windows 10 pirated copy
Source: foxnews.com

Many of us get elated when we get Windows 10 or Windows 10 key for free or at a very low price from retailers. Not knowing the fact that these copies most of the time come packed with software that can track almost everything that you do on your computer. In that case, chances of your computer becoming easy prey to several different kinds of Malware increase.

●  You Will Get No Support From Microsoft

microsoft support - disadvantage of pirated windows 10

Source: support.microsoft.com

Microsoft offers support for genuine copies of Windows. If at any point it finds out that your copy of Windows is not genuine, it will snatch all the support. It is, therefore, important that you get a genuine copy of Windows and if not, use your Windows without activation.

How Should I Update My Pirated Windows 10 To Genuine?

windows key - pirated windows 10

Want to get the “pirate” tag off your chest and update pirated Windows 10 to genuine, here’s what can be done. A fresh installation is always the best bet but you can also purchase the genuine license key from the Microsoft Store and enter the same in the area where you are asked to enter the key.

Disadvantages Of Pirated Windows 10?

Some of the common disadvantages of using pirated Windows 10 include –

  • There have been many instances when users of the pirated version of Windows 10 have complained of slow performance.
  • You won’t be able to get your hands on the best or the latest versions of Microsoft products and this can be a nightmare if you are using a product for official purposes.
  • You could encounter fake security patches from hackers. If you give in to these, you might end up losing critical data from your computer.
  • Microsoft constantly scans your device if you have a non-genuine Windows copy suspecting that you might have even downloaded some pirated software and it can immediately cease that software.
  • Your system could just hang up or break on you without any notice, especially if it is found that your activator is unreliable.

To Conclude

It could be that the genuine copy of Windows might be pinching your pockets now but a small investment can save you from a lot many troubles and open you to advantages. For instance, you will get all regular updates released by Windows and have unrestricted access to all the features of Windows.


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