How to Use Text-to-Speech Accessibility Feature in iPhone

How to Use Text-to-Speech Accessibility Feature in iPhone

Sometimes, listening is more comfortable than reading. You read a lot of content every day on your iPhone, whether its eBooks, website content, emails and more. You must be wondering that is it possible that your iPhone read the text for you? Is there a software that can do that? The answer may surprise you. Yes, iPhone can read for you, and no additional application is required. Using the Speech feature that will allow you to read out words on a page, or even read out the whole page, and more. It uses a Text to Speech technology which recognizes text and converts it to voice in accordance with that text.
This feature helps you to hear the text that you choose without reading it, and if you are learning a foreign language then this feature would be of great help, as it can help with pronunciations. It’s quite interesting and easy to use. Here’s how you can enable it:.

  • Tap on Settings from the Home screen of your iPhone.


  • Select the General option.

General Tab

  • Scroll down and tap on the Accessibility option.


  • From the Accessibility screen, from the Vision section select the Speech option.

Speech Settings

  • Toggle ON the Speak Selection Option.

Speak Selection

  • If you’re into iBooks and you are reading your favorite book but have a hard time reading it on your phone, you can enable Speak Screen and it’ll read out the entire screen to you.

Speak Screen

  • You can enable Highlight Content to highlight the content along as it reads out for you.

Highlight Content

  • You can enable character feedback if you have trouble seeing the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad, that will allow you to say aloud each letter you type.

Typing Feedback

  • If you’re also a little hard of hearing, you can turn on character hints, which reads each letter using the phonetic alphabet.

Character Hint

  • If you don’t want each character being read aloud right after you type it, you can turn up the character feedback delay as per your requirement.

Character Feedback

  • If you use spoken text for your email, but it always mispronounces a relative’s name, you can add your preferred pronunciation.

This is a really great for older people and for people who have trouble texting and reading the screen, you just need to highlight the text you want, and the text will be read to you.

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