How to use Snapchat’s Gender Swap feature?

How to use Snapchat’s Gender Swap feature?


Here’s how to use Snapchat’s new viral gender swapping filter.

People on social media always look for ways to gain attention, have fun and Snapchat offers all the tools. From putting puppy ears on your face to terrifyingly swapping your face Snapchat provides various lens filters. The latest addition to this range of filters is, Snapchat’s new gender swapping feature. Of late, people are using gender swapping feature to merge traits with the opposite sex and create a buzz.

These two new Snapchat’s filters make you look feminine and vice versa. Where the “male” filter adds facial hair, shorten your hair and adds a stronger jawline, “female” filter removes beard replacing it with smooth skin, makeup, and long hair.

Curious? How to use gender swap filter.

Here’s how to use Snapchat’s gender-swapping filters.

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How to find and use Snapchat’s gender-swapping filter?

1. Open Snapchat on your Android or iOS device and head to the camera screen.

2. Ensure you are using the front-facing camera, if not tap on the rectangular arrows in the top corner to enable the front camera.

3. Next, to bring all the installed lenses to tap on the face icon next to the shutter button at the bottom.

4. Here, you’ll be able to see a wide range of filters. Snapchat’s new gender swapping filter will be within the first five options. For women, select the filter with a beard and for men select the filter with makeup. Both these filters are next to one another.

5.Once you have used the filter, the screen will shine. If you are ready, snap the picture.

Using these simple steps, you can now gender swap your photos and share it with your friends and family.

But why this filter?

The app that used to be hugely popular suddenly became irrelevant.

It seems to fight this decreasing popularity; Snapchat was looking for something that would gain users attention. And this new gender-swap lens filter is the answer to it.

The new lens filter is not only gaining users attention but the users who uninstalled Snapchat are re-installing it to use the feature. Moreover, new people are subscribing to create gender-swap stories. Within the last week, 7 million people across iPhone and Android have installed Snapchat app for the first time. Plus, an increase of 133% in the amount of Snapchats downloads has been noticed.

Although, with this Snapchat is back.

But the usage of gender swap feature is exceeding its usage. Some male users are taking it to the next step and have already started to use it for more nefarious purposes. They have posted online that they created a fake Tinder profile using Snapchat’s filter and are successful in catfishing attempts.

Moreover, the gender swap feature reflects the company’s thought process and its biases. As in Snapchat’s world, an attractive woman apparently means one with long hair, thick and long lashes. While being a man means having short hair, thick eyebrows, square jawline and most importantly a beard. Isn’t it somewhat ironic that an app that encourages you to play with gender has such a binary view of it?

To some extent, this feature is great, as it has brought to light the type of abuse women had to face on dating apps. As men posing as female have started to receive a vulgar message from male suitors.

For some, this can be just an exaggeration but we cannot forget while gender-swapping online might be just for fun, but people still get killed for doing it in real life.

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