How To Take Back Your Hacked System

How To Take Back Your Hacked System

Internet is a place full of hackers, spammers and malware. Anyone who is browsing internet can be a victim of these online scams and end up losing vital information that can cause both financial and personal damage. Most experts advise getting good security in place, such as anti-virus software. however, not all security measures guarantee 100% protection and many a times, our system gets attacked even with a robust anti-virus.

We have listed some points which will show you how to deal with the system that has been hacked and how to Remove malicious programs.

1. Disconnect your system from internet:

At the very moment when you know that your system is hacked, disconnect your system from internet. Either disconnect your system from wireless network or remove the cables. This will ensure that your system is disconnected from internet and no data is being sent out or not malicious programs and files are being downloaded.

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2. Take use of safe mode:

Safe mode of a system offers limited functionality and in safe mode only important services are running. In safe mode activity of many malicious programs are stopped as the system do not allow any other services to run apart from services that are required by the OS.

3. Uninstall any unknown and unwanted program:

When in safe mode simply remove any program, which is unrecognized and unwanted. Many time you will see a program in the list which you did not installed. These unknown programs may be malicious and sends your important data to hackers.

4. Remove any files downloaded from the internet:

Files that are downloaded from the internet may contains malicious code that are designed to perform specific task. Once the files are executed then the malicious code also runs and starts doing malicious activities.

Get rid of the files downloaded over the internet as soon as possible.

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5. Use a good security software:

Download and install a good security software, which is capable of fighting with almost all kinds of infections. Once the software is downloaded, update the software so that new infection definitions are downloaded. Now start a deep scan of the infected. The security software will find and remove any infections present on your system. There are many Good security software’s for hacked system which you can use. Good security system will Remove malicious programs very easily and efficiently.

6. Backup your data and completely format your system:

By taking back you can easily protect your files. You can use cloud backup software which will upload all your data on the cloud server which are generally safe. Also, you can transfer the data on backup device and then after removing infections and installing security software, copy back all the data to the computer. When the security software is installed it will remove any infections which are present in the backed-up files.

Taking back your system and clearing all infections is a time-consuming task, you have to make sure that no infections is left on the system. Malicious infections can replicate itself and it will infect the clean files. Once your system gets hacked, all your data can be leaked and misused, so we should take every measure in order to protect our system. By reading this guide you will know how to recover your hacked system and stay protected.

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