How To Stay Anonymous While Accessing Internet?

How To Stay Anonymous While Accessing Internet?

Your IP Will Now Remain Hidden From Everyone. Know How!

Have you ever realized that you may get snooped after visiting certain websites and your privacy comes at stake? Yes, it might happen because of your IP address by which you are browsing the internet.

A computer’s IP address lets it connect to other computers when sharing the information in between. At the other end, if you think your device’s IP is quite unique and stays unbreakable then you are mistaken.

Before going ahead on how you can maintain your anonymity successfully, let’s understand what an IP address is.

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IP Address (Internet Protocol Address)

When you need to deliver a parcel to a particular destination, the exact address is required. Right? Well, IP address plays the role of destination address that helps in connecting two devices. Though, unlike other addresses, IP address changes as you switch in between various networks.

To take an example, if devices like mobile phone, laptop or printer are connected through one router in your home, Private Network comes in picture.

Whereas in a case when two machines or devices are connected through different networks (office computer and laptop at home), it is an example of Public IP. similarly, this also helps in accessing any website around the web.

How Does the Anonymity of an IP Address Matter?

  • Hide your geographic location! How? Your IP address can reveal country, region, postal code, city, longitude and latitude.
  • Bypass the restrictions and access the content that is hidden in your zone.
  • Keeps the browsing activity private.

How Can You Maintain Anonymity On Internet (Using VPN)?

We believe a good VPN can solve all the concerns described above. Virtual Private Network or VPN simply route your connection through multiple servers and hides your actual details. Interesting, right?

If you wonder how it works, go ahead!

VPN acts as a third-party gateway that encrypts your data in between the internet and browser. It also means that before your service provider or a hacker sees through your details, VPN software or apps have already encrypted your data. The tunnel that is now connecting the two parties is covered and non-hackable.

Many commercial VPN mobile apps for Android and iPhone are now in use around the world to keep the IP addresses of your device hidden. Moreover, your desktop can stay safe too with VPN for Windows and Mac.

How Can You Maintain Anonymity On Internet (Using Mobile Hotspot)?

Connecting your phone with the mobile hotspot is another mask to stay away from snoopers and hide IP address. It is so as you are no longer exposing the network details of your home or office locations.

Moreover, others can only see the Public IP address that your service provider has allotted, which changes pretty frequently. Though there will not be any kind of encryption, you can use it as a temporary shield to preserve location details of your fixed networks.

Similarly, using Public Wi-Fi helps in keeping anonymity. Though it should be noted that not all Public Wi-Fi is secure enough and the data transferred through these can be intercepted.

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Home or office networks have fixed IPs allotted by the ISP, just like your telephone numbers. If you want to remain anonymous while on the internet, it is suggested to hide this IP from prying eyes. There are multiple ways of doing it, including VPN services or even using a public wi-fi when needed. Keep your location private and hide your IP for safe browsing.

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