How to Remove Searchfort Plus Chrome Extension

How to Remove Searchfort Plus Chrome Extension

Over the years Google Chrome has become a prominent web browser. Due to its smooth interface, fast performance and easy sync features it is liked by all. Not only this, Google Chrome also offers plenty of benefits. You can download number of useful extensions from Chrome Web Store.

But, there are certain extensions that are harmful and instead of helping to ease your work they interfere in it. Today, we will discuss about one such extension and provide you step by step instructions to delete it from your Chrome browser.

What is Searchfort Plus Chrome Extension?

SearchFort Plus is a Chrome extension that states, “Search the web!”. However, when the user performs any search using SearchFort Plus he is redirected to followed by, to show search results. This behavior is suspicious and there is a possibility all this is done to generate revenue from the ads displayed in the search results.

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How SearchFort Plus Extension gets Installed on Chrome?

The extension is currently being distributed via advertisements that are displayed to encourage it. Below is the most common example of its distribution.


As this extension redirects your searches it is not safe to use it. Instead of using such an extension you can directly use Yahoo search. If you are one of those who is annoyed because of this behavior and want to remove Searchfort Plus follow the instructions are mentioned below:

How to Remove Searchfort Plus Extension?

To remove the malicious extension, use the comprehensive guide below:

For Mac User

1. Install Systweak Anti-Malware by clicking here.

2. Now click on Startup Items tab and click on Start Scan button to run a scan.

3. Once the scan is finished you will see a list with all the malicious items listed.

4. From here delete the infected extensions.

For Windows User

1.Install Systweak Advanced System Protector by clicking here.

2.Now click on Protection tab and then click on Browser Cleaner.

3.The program will start running a scan for the browser add ons.

Note: You need to close all the browsers to run the scan.

4.Now select the extension you wish to delete.

After, using the program you will have to reset Chrome to remove all the traces of Searchfort

To do so follow the steps below:

Note: After resetting the browser settings, all cookies, temporary files will be erased.

1. Open Google Chrome and click on three dots at the top right corner to open settings.

2. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page to look for Advanced option.

Advanced option


3. Click on it to see the Reset option.

Advanced option

4. Here, click on Reset option. You will receive a warning message that says your settings will be restored to default.

5. lick on RESET button to proceed.

Chrome will now erase all your personal data, browsing history, and disable all installed extensions. Your bookmarks, will remain intact and still be accessible.

This will ensure that all the traces of the malicious extension are removed.

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Undoubtedly, extensions are helpful but it’s always a good idea to learn about the extension before using it. If you end up installing a malicious extension it will cause more harm than any help. Therefore, it always better to see working of an extension and the permissions you grant before installing and using the extension. If an extension shares your data with third party sites then uninstalling it is a wise decision as you never know when your data may be shared with illegal people to make more money.  Not all extensions are harmful but you should enable them only when required to avoid being a victim of cyber-attack.

If you notice any irregular activity on your system running a security program that has all the basic and advanced features is a good idea. If you are a Mac user you can use Systweak Anti-Malware and Windows user can try Systweak Advanced System Protector.

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