How To Freeze/Pause Location On Find My iPhone Without Them Knowing?

How To Freeze/Pause Location On Find My iPhone Without Them Knowing?

The Find My iPhone is a very useful feature of the iOS device, enabling you to know the location of your connected devices on a map. Moreover, it uses audio cues to help locate a particular device. If Find My iPhone is enabled on your device, then people connected to you via this app can see your location. However, some people don’t like to share their location all the time because of privacy concerns. There is no built-in app in iOS devices to freeze or pause your location. You can only configure iPhone settings to stop sharing your location but this will let your friends know that you stopped sharing your location. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to discuss how to pause location on Find My iPhone without letting your friends know.

Why Would You Pause Location on Find My iPhone?

Before delving into the details of how to pause your location on find my iPhone, the first thing is why do you want to do this? The biggest justification is privacy. We don’t want to be tracked all the time, everywhere. Sometimes, you are enjoying quality time in a place you wish to keep private. Location sharing in such a case will let your people know that you are somewhere else. This could have really disturbing implications on your private life. In cases, when you stop sharing location, this will notify your friends that you have turned off your location. This is why you should know the possible way to pause from your current location without giving any signal to your near ones.

Can You Pause Your Location on Find My iPhone?

Yes, it needs very little time from you to pause your location. However, it requires you to stay connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network so your location is constantly updated to a new location. If you are not connected to an internet connection then your friends will only be able to see your last location. In such cases, it will alert your people that you are not connected to a network and trying to hide.

You can also turn off your location when connected to the internet. For this, you need to configure your iPhone settings and stop your location sharing on the Find My application. But this will also notify your friends. Read on to find out how to freeze location on find my iPhone without letting anyone know.

How To Pause/Freeze Location On Find My iPhone? (Easy Method)

No one can deny the feasibility of the Find My iPhone feature to track your device’s location. However, sometimes you want to switch it off without letting anyone know about it. While turning it off directly will let your friends know about it. Then how to pause location without making it known to others? The best way to do so is to fake your current location using a location spoofer. Tenorshare iAnyGo is a professional location spoofer for iOS devices that help change your current location to any other place on the globe. This location spoofing is a wise choice no one will get to know your whereabouts without your permission. In fact, they will see your location as usual but a fake one. So, wherever you are enjoying your time, no one will have an idea about it.


Easy to use

One-click location spoofing

Select any location from the world map

Change location on all location-based apps

No need to jailbreak your device


Paid software

Here is how to change the location on your iPhone using Tenorshare iAnyGo

Step 1: Download and Launch iAnyGo on your PC. Proceed with its default mode “Change location”

Change Location Mode On iAnyGo

Step 2: Connect your iPhone with PC and add the connected PC to the trusted device by tapping on “Trust” from a pop-up message to seek your permission

Connect Your iOS Device To iAnyGo

Step 3: Lastly, select any location from the map or enter a location in the search bar of this software. Click “Start to modify” to change your device’s location to a new spot

Select a Location on the Map

Closing Remarks

Learning how to pause location on Find My iPhone is pretty easy. The only worry is how to do so without letting the other person know about this change. The best way is to spoof your actual location and let your friends see a fake location. Tenorshare iAnyGo is a good choice in this regard. It helps you in the most reliable and secure way and no one will see your actual location. Try it out now and have your private time with peace of mind.

FAQs about Pause/Freeze Location on Find My iPhone

Here we have answered some of the basic yet important queries from iOS users regarding “can you pause your location on find my iPhone and how”. Read on to find the answers.


Can you pause location tracking iPhone?

Yes, turning off your location by accessing the settings of your device will disable the location tracking of your device. No one will be able to find your device and this way it becomes nearly impossible to guess your current location.



How do I temporarily pause my location?

If you want to temporarily turn off your location then you can turn on the Airplane mode. Moreover, you can also turn off “Share My Location” and stop sharing location on Find My App. Not to mention, using a location spoofer iAnyGo also hides your current location and fakes it into another spot.



How do you pause a location for one person?

To pause location for one person, open your location sharing settings. Next to that person’s name, tap “Remove”. Confirm your selection and it will stop sharing your location with that person without giving him any notification about your choice.



How do I fake my location on Find My Friends iPhone?

You can use a location spoofer to fake your current location on your iPhone. Tenorshare iAnyGo can do this for you and this way no one will know that you are faking your location. Moreover, your actual location will be unknown to everyone.


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