How to Make your Internet Surfing More Private

How to Make your Internet Surfing More Private

As the technology continues to spread its wings in all directions, the word ‘privacy’ is going more vocal. Smartphone with the help of internet is letting us do more communications.
People want to feel safe and secure online. Nobody wants to be observed all the time deliberately. The users are trying to use the latest technology for some measure of privacy and anonymity. So, guys, you can also get more privacy while surfing Internet  if you make some changes in your web surfing habits.
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Change Browser Settings:

Some browsers have a dedicated privacy mode that you can turn on to browse the web in a less visible way. You must have heard about cookies which provide your personal information to third parties. Some websites create cookies to customize the webpage for a given user. So, the users who value more privacy can instruct the browsers to clear all cookies on a regular basis.


Sandboxing contains certain online activities for one and walling them off from others. Facebook is a household name and it is well known for spreading your private information to buyers and other parties.
Some people recommend one dedicated browser for Facebook and another browser for other online activity. Thus, Facebook cannot collect your information when you are not active on its website. Similarly, this method also applies to Google. So, try to limit their use.

Virtual Private Network:

Virtual private network tunnels are the best way to encrypt data from a source and decrypt it at its destination. This helps to make the access to the data impossible that you’re sending as it flows through a local area network.
If you are surfing at a public place, then your activities can be hacked easily. So, virtual private networks are the best solution to avoid this situation,


There is another utility called Tor, which stands for “The Onion Router.”  It encrypts communications in the application layer. It mingles with the traffic and makes an individual user’s footprints difficult to trace. The only disadvantage is that it can make internet use slightly slower.

Encryption of Chat and Email:

There are various tools available which encrypt chat and e-mails. For example, there is a tool named, Cryptocat, that encrypts chat, while another tool Mailvelope encrypts the emails. Additionally, temporary email addresses can make you avoid providing your real email address.


It is always better to check out the options available for accessing the internet. A little more privacy makes everybody happy these days as cyber security and privacy are being given highest priority by the government.

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