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How To Keep Up With Cyber-security Measures Without Going Nuts?
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How To Keep Up With Cyber-security Measures Without Going Nuts?

In America, October is the national cybersecurity awareness month. So, we thought it’s the perfect time to talk about ways to be on top of cybersecurity measures. Now this blog won’t tell you to switch off your laptop’s screen before moving away from your desk and so on. This is all about how you can be aware of the new trends that keep coming in cyber-security.

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Because let’s face it, reading about cybersecurity regulations make your heads explode. You as users may know a thing or two about securing your data online. But every day, you will hear of a breach in security, which proves existing measures won’t work.

So, to know more about these things we need to follow the experts and social media.

Below is a guide that will help you stay on top of cyber-security program development. We promise that this 6-points long guide will not make you go nuts.

1. Keep A Tab On Security Professionals And Influencers

Everything is available on the internet, even the updated security measures. All you need to do is search about them. There are so many ways to keep yourself updated about cyber security like : –

  • Following traditional sources like news websites, blog of security experts etc.
  • Or check out social media for webinars or conference about the same.
  • You can also connect with security professionals and influences through social media.
  • Also, discuss this topic with your peers and family members. You will be surprised how much meaningful data you can gather by this.

Here are some professionals who continuously speak about cyber-security, follow them.

  • Shira Rubinoff
  • Magda Chelly

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2. Surf The Social Media For Security Related News

Social media has become a platform for sharing real news and trends about anything.

So, it can be a great tool for checking out stories related to cyber security. Of course, you would need to check out other sources. But for a head-start, this is great. Amongst all social media, Twitter is the best one. With a good knowledge of trends and hashtags, you can follow anyone and anything. All the discussion about the desired topic would be listed. And you can be a part of it or see it in real-time.

It also lets you set a preference list. So, only filtered tweets related to your interest will be displayed. This helps to save time and add people to the discussion.

3. Go To Events About Cyber-security

There are many events about cyber security that you can attend. And they don’t just talk about cons and pros, but more. You can learn about courses or meet-ups that help secure your data online. Also, technical and practical lectures, discussions and workshop for the same are part of the events too.

The option to listen to the best cybersecurity speaker online is also there. As webinars and online conference calls are gaining more popularity. Newspapers and Google can help you find such events.

4. Check Vulnerability And Risk Advisory Feeds

Any technology like a web browser, operating system, apps and other professional tools we use can get compromised. Hackers and malware can compromise their security and quality anytime. And it doesn’t matter whether the technology is new or old, everything is at risk. So, it is better to be aware of any of such vulnerabilities. For this, make sure to check out the below sites that advice about such things. This is crucial to safeguard your personal data and even more important for businesses.

Source: – haveibeenpwned
  • Have I Been Pwned
  • SecurityFocus
  • National Vulnerability Database
  • SANS Internet Storm Center

5. Listen To A Cyber-security Podcast Sometimes

In this busy life of ours, we may not get time to sit and read an article about anything that we like. So, reading about cyber-security is way out of question. But if you want to protect your data from malware attack and hackers, you got to do something about it. And the answer is podcasts.

They are great, just put some podcasts about this while driving or walking or even when you take a shower. This lets you multitask, and you are updated about any new security measure that came into existence. Some of the best media apps for listening to podcasts are- iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube.

6. Have Customized Alerts For Cyber-security

There is a tool called IFTTT- (If This Then That That) lets you set up a customized alert for all things related to cyber-security. This means setting this up will send you any information or new data related to security measure.

You can set up any trusted site or discussion forum. All the posts that are gaining polarity will be sent to your mobile.

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Being up-to-date about cyber-security measure is crucial in this current internet-led world. This can only be done if you are continuously reading, listening, talking or attending sessions about the same. Especially, for big firms and IT companies. Keeping in sync of security trends is important as they keep evolving every day.

So, keep checking and learning new ways from trusted sources. And only listen to those who don’t make your head explode.

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