How to Identify And Stay Protected From Rogue Security Software And Scareware

How to Identify And Stay Protected From Rogue Security Software And Scareware

Number of online scams have increased rapidly over the years. Scammers are developing new techniques to scam users out of their hard-earned money. Scammers also use Rogue Security Software and Scareware for scamming the users.

What are Rogue Security Software and Scareware?

These are the types of software that show fake warnings about the infection on user’s system. After showing fake warnings Rogue security software will demand money to remove fake infections. This program will give you regular warning until you have paid the money.

These are the malware that make users purchase or download unwanted software. Software downloaded are generally of malicious type and will further damage the system. It will show popups about fake infection and trick users into making fake purchases.

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How to identify them

  • Your original security system will be disabled, always check if it is disabled or enabled.
  • You will encounter frequent BSODs, frequent crashes will occur on your system.
  • Speed of your system will become slow.
  • Increase in the level of network and disk activity.
  • Receive different popups and unknown notifications.
  • Unwanted emails from your address.
  • Software that will be installed will look like original product, however, after further research you can differentiate between original and fake.
  • You will be repeatedly prompted to pay certain amount of money to remove the infections.
  • Many of the programs installed on your machine will either won’t work at all or misbehave.

How to Stay Protected:

  1. Remove any unwanted software and security programs from your system.
  2. Install a good security system from a legitimate website only.
  3. Reinstall the browser to remove any infections present on it.
  4. Turn on the firewall.
  5. Always remember to visit legitimate websites and always check the URL of the websites.
  6. Do not open unknown attachments received in an email.
  7. Do not click on any unwanted advertisements.
  8. Do not get intimidated by scary ads.
  9. Always use ad blocker and popup blocker.
  10. Delete all unwanted files from your system.

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Criminals are lurking everywhere, they have deployed different traps to scam the users out of their hard-earned money. We should always be careful about the security measures of our system. One mistake and our security will be compromised. This will lead to different online crimes.

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