How To Fix- Camera Not Working on Windows 10

How to Fix- Camera Not Working on Windows 10

When preparing for an online interview or video conferencing and suddenly your camera stops responding or starts working erratically what can you do in this situation? Some of you get puzzled while some search for effective resolutions to fix the issue.

Most common error codes encountered in this case are: 0xA00F4244(0x200F4244) or 0xA00F4246 or maybe 0xA00F4243(0xC00D3704). However, if you did not receive these error codes, then you might see a white camera image with a grey background having a cross over it. Whatever the case maybe we have got it covered.

Camera not Working

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Sometimes, camera and webcam are not detected by Windows, due to technical glitch in a device driver or Windows cannot detect the camera.

In addition to this, there can be instances when the camera is detected but still is not working.

This troubleshooting article is going to reveal, how to fix when Windows 10 camera is not working.

Technique 1- By “Setting” option

  • Press Windows and I key together to Open Settings page. On the Settings page, click the Privacy option.

Open Windows Setting options

  • Go to Privacy, and search Camera on the left pane of Privacy settings. A new window will appear on your system’s screen like this:

Open Camera Access setting

  • Make sure to turn on the “let the app use my camera hardware” option.

Try using a camera on your system to check whether it works or not. If it starts working, it is good, and if not, try using the next method.

Technique 2- Reinstalling the Camera Application

  • Go to the Settings option, and select “Apps”.

Open windows setting to reinstalling the Camera Application

  • After clicking “Apps”, select “Apps & Feature” option, from the left side of the window. Find Camera, and double click on it. You will get the “Advanced Options”.

Click on the advanced option of apps and features

  • Next window will be there, click “Reset” to reset the Camera.

Reset The Camera

After resetting the app, try to find whether the system’s camera is working or not. Proceed to the next method, if the camera is still not working.

Technique 3- Re-Register Windows 10 store apps

  • Go to the Search bar and type cmd
  • Right-click on the Command Prompt from search results and click Run as administrator
  • Enter the command given below in the CMD

Re - Reigster windows 10 store apps

  • Restart your system after the execution of this command.

Check if the camera starts working. You can skip this method if you wish to avoid using the command prompt.

Technique 4- Updating Webcam Driver

  • To update webcam drivers, click on Windows key + R to open Run command box and type the given command.
  • Type devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager and press OK.

Updating Webcam Driver

  • Device manager window will open, expand the cameras and find the webcam device.

Open Device Manager

  • From the top tabs, click on the Action and go with Scan for hardware changes.

Scan for hardware changes in device manager

Restart your system and try connecting with a camera. If it still not working, skip to next option.

Technique 5- Troubleshoot Windows Store Apps in Windows 10

  • To start with this process, open the control panel. Find “Troubleshooting” on the above search box.

Troubleshoot Windows Store Apps in Windows 10

  • Find “View All” in the left bar.

Open Troubleshoot problems

  • Find “Window Store Apps” and click on next to start troubleshooting.

Start troubleshoot windows store apps

Technique 6- Roll back the Webcam driver

  • Using this method, we will roll back the webcam driver. For this press Windows key + R this will open run command box.
  • Write, msc here and hit enter.
  • Now, right-click on the webcam driver, and go to Properties.
  • Click on the Driver tab and then click the Roll Back Driver option.

Rollback the webcam driver

Once you are done with these above steps, restart your PC and try using Camera.

Technique 7- Check for an outdated webcam driver or webcam

  • Click WINDOW KEY +X+M simultaneously to open Device Manager.
  • Find the camera listing in the following section.
Check for the outdated webcam



  • After finding the webcam right click to update the driver as shown above.

You will be asked, how you want to search for drivers?

  • Once the driver is updated restart your system and try using a webcam.

Technique 8- Check for Antivirus Software

There can be cases when your camera doesn’t show because the antivirus software you are using is blocking the app. In such a case look at the software settings to avoid disrupting the camera or webcam.

Technique 9- Check the Task Manager

  • To open the Task Manager, right-click on the empty space of the toolbar. Click on the Task Manager.
  • A new window will appear, where you can find all the tabs. Among them choose processes and disable the apps that can prevent the camera to operate.
Check the task manager


Technique 10- Try Updating The Drivers Manually

  • To proceed, with this step find a webcam software program folder and search the executable file (.exe).
  • Right-click on the selected file and go for Properties in the pop-up context menu.

Update drivers manually

  • On the next pop up, there will be the compatibility tab on the top. Change the mode to Windows 10. Click OK to apply the changes.

Change the mode windows 10

  • After this step, install the drivers again and check whether the webcam is working or not.

Final Word

We hope using the above-mentioned steps you will be able to sort the issue Windows 10 camera is not working. In case we missed out at any point share your suggestion in the comment box along with your views. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for some helpful tips and tricks.

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