How Google Play Protect Keeps You & Your Android Device Safe

How Google Play Protect Keeps You & Your Android Device Safe

Google, one of the leading tech brands serves its users in every way possible. Then be it in security, gaming, Augmented Reality and what not, you just have to name it and Google shall provide.

However, in past years, Google’s main concern was always how can it provide users with more secure environment over the Internet with its new security features and update.

Working on the concern, Google released Google Play Protect to safeguard Android users and their data, as it helps protect against harmful apps and keeps Android device safe and secure.

Google Play Protect
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Google Play Protect is said to be the most widely used mobile threat protection service in the world. It comes with several features to protect you and your data from exploitation.

Let’s take a look at the features, Google Play Protect comes with:

1. Use Machine Learning Algorithms

Play Protect is an in-built malware protection provided for Android. It scans for the malware and threats with its machine learning algorithms in real-time.

2. Secure Device, When It’s Lost

In case when you have lost your Android device, Play Protect offers you an option ‘Find My Device’ to have your back. You can locate your phone by signing into Google account. Also, you can remote control your device from Google account, from where you can even drop a message on lock screen, so that whosoever finds it, has the information of the device owner. And, if it’s permanently lost, then it allows you to erase all your data as well.

3. Scan & Verify 50 Billion Apps Every Day

With its superfast, quick and machine learning algorithms, it scans and verifies approx. more than 50 billion apps every day to keep you safe 24*7.

4. Detects & Removes Potentially Harmful Applications

It detects and removes harmful applications from Android device. For this, it runs a regularly scheduled scan, both offline and online. Also, automatically remove threatening and malicious apps from the device.

How Google Play Protect Works?

At the time of downloading apps from Google Play Store, Play Protect scans them and identifies whether if it’s a potential harmful app or not.

It performs a thorough check on all apps downloaded from Google Play Store. If your device contains any potential harmful app downloaded from some third-party store, which can also contain malware, then Play Protect scans your device as well. It warns you of every possible threat and removes it from the device.

If the app is harmful or malicious, it displays you a notification to uninstall the app.

If the app is extremely malicious and can damage your Android device, Play Protect automatically removes that app, and displays a notification saying the app was removed.

How To Enable Google Play Protect?

Before enabling Google Play Protect, ensure that all the apps you are using are downloaded from an secure and authentic sources such as Google Play Store. However, Google Play Protect is by default enabled on all Android devices. But, still you can turn it on/off.

To turn on/off Google Play Protect:

1. Open Google Play Store App.

2. Tap on Menu.

3. Now, select Play Protect and check the status of your phone. And, toggle on/off Google Play Protect.

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So, this was all folks! This was all about Google Play Protect, its features, how it works and also, how to enable Google Play Protect. It is recommended to always keep the Google Play Protect enabled to keep your device safe and secure from any type of cyber threats and malware.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. You can also drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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