How Google Play Protect Helps to Secure Your Android

How Google Play Protect Helps to Secure Your Android

We all know about the long battle running  between Android and iOS for years. On one side where Android has an upper hand over iOS because of its various intuitive and customizable features on another side when it comes to security iOS is considered more secure as compared to Android. It is the flexibility and customization offered by Android that raises security concerns in Android. However now Google has already started taking the security issues of Android seriously and therefore developed Google Play Protect to provide more security to Android.

What is Google Play Protect?

Google Play Protect is a system developed by Android to keep your smartphone safe from various security threats. As per Google, Play Protect is a threat protection service for mobile that is widely deployed in the world. Moreover, it is supported by the machine learning algorithms of Google to protect your Android from malware and other security threats. And apart from providing Android the 24*7 security to keep data and apps safe it also secures your device and the data stored in it, in case you misplace it. Also, it helps you browse safely on Internet. In this way Google Play Protect provides an all-round security to the Android.

Now let’s discuss in detail that how Google Play Protect helps to secure Android.

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Play Protect Scans Your Phone for Malware

The main function of Play Protect is to keep your device free from any type of malware. Any app that is permitted on Google Play Store is thoroughly tested by the developers of Google and when found in line with the Google policies then only permitted on Play Store. Now when apps make their entry on Play Store they are again scanned by Play Protect to keep the security intact. Play Store daily scans billions of apps not only from Play Store but also outside of it. Google Play Protect protects your device from malware in 3 ways:

  • Performs a security check on the Google Play Store apps before a user downloads them.
  • Checks the security of the device from the apps that you have downloaded outside of Play Store.
  • Warns the user whenever a harmful app is detected and removes known unsafe apps from the device.

Moreover, if someone chooses to install the apps from outside of Play Store, Play Protect sends these apps to Google that may help it to protect everyone from malicious apps.

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Play Protect Secures Even Your Lost Phone

Apart from protecting your phone malicious apps Google Play Protect secures your phone in case you have lost it. It also helps you to get it back in case you have misplaced it somewhere near you. Find My Phone feature of Play Protect helps you to track the current location of your phone. Moreover, you can remotely lock your phone or feature a message on lock screen to help the one that finds your phone and wishes to return it back to you. And in case you are confident enough of not getting your device back then you can remotely erase all its data so that all your personal information stored in the device does not get in hands of the wrong person.

Play Protect Protects You While Surfing Over Web

Google Play Protect secures your phone

Play Protect integrates with Chrome to keep you secure while surfing over Internet. If Play Protect finds anything unusual or unsafe on a website then it will alert you with a warning message and take you back to the safety. In this Google Play Protect secures your browsing session.

Google has often been targeted as not taking the security of Android seriously, but this attempt of Google to protect its Android users via Google Play Protect is commendable.

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