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Sharpen Your Technical Prowess With These GitHub Repositories
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Sharpen Your Technical Prowess With These GitHub Repositories

If you are programming enthusiast and eat, breathe and sleep codes, then there is no chance that you haven’t heard of GitHub. And, if you haven’t, no worries, you are for sure going to fall in love with this place. There are tons of GitHub projects to pick and challenge yourself.

What is a GitHub Repository?

Git is a command line tool and provides a superb and effortless interface with which any level of coder can polish coding skills with utmost ease. Also, if you are working on a project (GitHub has several open source projects to choose from), then you can make use of many task management tools as well.

The GitHub Repository

‘Repo’ for short, this is the place where you house your projects. You can either store it locally on a computer folder or choose to save it on GitHub itself. Here you can store elements such as codes, image files, text files and many other things.

Let’s take it this way, you are a developer and are working with a partner on the same project. What if your command line is at the risk of getting overwritten by your partner. That’s where GitHub comes to rescue you and your project both. Thanks to the GitHub’s project management you can save your work in versions because of which neither of you will be able to overwrite any part of the project.

If you are up for the challenge of taking GitHub projects, here is a list that as a developer would interest you –

GitHub Repositories To Watch-Out For

There are over a 100 million GitHub repositories worldwide where you can find open source GitHub projects. Here are some of the best ones –

1. Coding Interview University

If you are aspiring to code for tech biggies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and wish to crack their interviews, then this is the GitHub Repository that might just be the help you need. Here you will be able to clear all your computer science concepts plus all the important questions that you might have to face at the interview of these countries.

Get Set Code

2. FreeCodeCamp

Want to learn the GitHub command line or any type of coding for that matter? FreeCodeCamp is the place to be. You will find more than 23K forks and 306K stars on their GitHub page. It’s actually a place where you can find several GitHub projects and collaborate with millions of people.

Get Set Code

3. Developer Roadmap

If as a beginner you are confused about what technology to learn to become an accomplished coder, Developer Roadmap is the GitHub Repository you should follow. The best about this repository is that the creator has laid down a very clear chart that tells you what technology you would need in each category of web development (Frontend, DevOps and Backend).

Get Set Code

4. SciKit-learn

SciKit-learn is a GitHub repository for all those who have been bitten by the beautiful world of Python. It contains a wide range of supervised as well as unsupervised algorithms. It has some very simple tools that can be used for data analysis and data mining. Scikit comes with few standard datasets like the digits and the iris.

Get Set Code

5. Awesome Python

Again a Python teaching repository, the Algorithms, as the name suggests, teaches you how to implement the various algorithms in Python. Apart from that there are several neural networks, machine learning, linear algebra and a lot more that you can learn. Plus, if you believe that your Python proficiency has reached a good mark, then you can try your hands on several project on Euler’s problems as well.

Get Set Code

6. You don’t know JS

For a developer JavaScript today, is like veins in the body. And, if you are fondly entangled by JavaScript, give this repository a try. It is available in the form of books written by Kyle Simpson and if you are a JavaScript fan, you are instantly going to fall in love with this.

Get Set Code

7. Twbs/bootstrap

The importance of Bootstraps cannot be stressed upon enough since it is a well-known design framework. For once, you might think that this GitHub Repository contains a lot of technical information, it is well substituted by various other useful sites as well.

Get Set Code

8. Public APIs

When developing applications, a developer has to frequently deal with API. But, not everyone gets comfortable with these at once. Which is where you can take help from this GitHub repository. Public APIs make a developer’s task easier by categorizing API’s and there is a collection of Public APIs which is quite frequently updated.

Get Set Code

9. Free Programming Books

Want to learn how to code? There are tons of courses, developer tools, podcasts and books with the help of which you can learn a lot of technical stuff. It holistically covers several aspects of coding such as operating systems, frameworks, data structures, machine learning, etc. it contains materials from various online learning platforms such as Udacity, edx, Udemy, etc. With these and GitHub command line, you can’t go wrong.

Get Set Code

10. WordPress/Gutenberg

There are many who wish to develop an impeccable WordPress website and there are countless reasons for that. This GitHub repository would help you if you wish to build a new editor in WordPress. To add on, you will also be able to lay a new model with the help of which you can change the entire publishing experience.

Get Set Code

Quench Your Coding Thirst

For coding and all things technical, you now know where to go. Mingle with the GitHub command line, learn the knick-knacks of GitHub project management and munch on a variety of GitHub open source projects. There is no way you are not going to ace the magnificent world of programming and coding. If this blog has helped you, do show us some love by liking our blogs, subscribing to our newsletter.


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