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Everything To Know About Windows 10 Creators Update: Part 2

As a continuation of the previous article on Windows 10 Creators update, this article covers some other amazing functionalities and features added in Creators update.
For the initial article refer to: Everything to know about Windows 10 Creators Update: Part 1

Improved Start Menu:

Windows 10 Creators update contains customizable Start Menu like the one already seen in Windows 10. However, in the Creators update, it is more customizable than ever.
You can Add, Delete, Organise and Edit new items. You can also get to the Start Menu’s folder structure and edit, delete, rearrange and add new items.
You can also remove applications directly from Start menu by right clicking on them except some built-in apps.
The new improved Start Menu is divided in two parts Apps List and the Live Tile area. You can simply toggle on or off to show App List. You can also customize Start Menu by going into the settings.
start menu
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Better Cortana:

Windows 10 Creators Update has also introduced a new version of Cortana which gives it an edge over the previous versions makes your personal digital assistant way better.
All new Cortana now helps users to setup the computer for the first time. This digital assistant will help the users to quickly and easily setup their Windows 10 without any help.
New Cortana can even switch devices and it can resume certain tasks you were working on another system using the feature “pick up where I left off”.
Cortana is loaded with loads of feature about which you can read from: What’s New in Cortana With Windows 10 Creators Update

Virtual Touchpad

Windows 10 Creators Update has introduced an all new virtual touchpad experience.
While in cases when you don’t have your mouse or any other pointing device handy, this option proves to be the best option. The idea is to use the touch screen of your device as a touchpad.
If virtual touchpad in enabled, you will see traditional trackpad on your screen which includes right and left button. This can be helpful when you need to make precision selections on apps or websites that aren’t very touch-friendly.
The touchpad isn’t enabled by default, to learn how to enable it you can visit: How to Enable Virtual Touchpad in Windows 10.

Dynamic Lock

Dynamic Lock feature introduced in Creators update helps you to lock Windows 10 system using Bluetooth enabled phone. Before using this feature you have to pair your phone with your PC.
This feature will lock the system when it is not in range with the Bluetooth-paired phone.
It is very useful for the users who would like to have their system locked when not around. Dynamically Lock feature automatically locks the PC(idle state) after 30 seconds, when Bluetooth paired phone is not in range.
dynamic lock
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Easier Virtual Machine Setup in Hyper-V

Windows 10 Creators Update includes several updates for the Hyper-V service/software making the tool more flexible and robust.
New features in Hyper-V are:
— Quick Create VM
— Checkpoint and Save for nested Hyper-V
— Dynamic resize for VM Connect
— Zoom for VM Connect
— Networking improvements (NAT)
— Developer-centric memory management
 hyper v
The above-mentioned features introduced in Windows 10 Creators update undoubtedly provides an edge to the primitive Windows 10 operating system.
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