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How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Android And iOS
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How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Android And iOS

We spend most of the time with our mobile phone whether you are doing some important kind of stuff, playing games or communicating on calls. If we are talking about calls, you might face network issues in a few places where your network connectivity is poor, whether it’s your home, office area, basement, coffee shop, shopping malls, etc. Here comes the Wi-Fi Calling or VoLTE feature that can boost up your poor cellular network or signal so that you can enjoy crystal clear communication.

Every Smartphone manufacturers or companies are competing to bring Wi-Fi calling features in iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. Once your calls are routing through the Wi-Fi network, you don’t have to worry about call drops and network signal strength.

You have to simply enable Wi-Fi calling in Android and iPhone and calls will directly route through Office or Home Wi-Fi network. This feature will work only if your office and home Wi-Fi connectivity are strong and it utilizes your Wi-Fi as a mobile tower to connect all calls and route to the mobile tower. The best part of Wi-Fi calling is, it worked on 2G, 3G, and 4G as well. We have covered some points below to set up Wi-Fi calling on iPhone and Android devices, Have a look!

Why Wi-Fi Calling? Is It Worth It?

Wi-Fi Calling

  • Wi-Fi Calling is free of cost with the existing call plan you have with your service provider or carrier as far as your device is voice compatible.
  • If there’s no cell phone service available in your location or building or you’re facing some of the worst poor cellular signal problems such as dropped calls, the Wi-Fi Calling feature could be the best.
  • It doesn’t require any app to call or receive calls via Wi-Fi, just a phone number.
  • For video calls with Wi-Fi Calling service, you’re no longer require the LTE network.

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Set up/Enable Wi-Fi Calling In iPhone

Enable Wi-Fi Calling In iPhone

To set up Wi-Fi calling on iPhone is very simple and quick. Before enabling this feature, your iPhone should be updated to iOS 9 or above and your service provider supports Wi-Fi calling feature in your country too. To activate the Wi-Fi calling feature, follow the below points:

  • Go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi calling > Turn on Wi-Fi calling.

Now, the Wi-Fi calling feature will be activated on your iPhone and Wi-Fi icon will appear just before the name of your network service provider status bar.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling In Android

Enable Wi-Fi Calling In Android
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It’s quite simple to set up Wi-Fi calling in Android devices. It requires Android 9 or higher to enable this feature. To activate Wi-Fi calling in Android, follow the below points:

  • Go to Settings > More > Wi-Fi calling.

By following the above step, the Wi-Fi calling feature will be activated in your Android device and allows you to know if your device supports this service.

Activating And Checking Wi-Fi Calling: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

Activating And Checking Wi-Fi Calling
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To activate the Wi-Fi calling feature with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, follow the below steps to activate and check if Wi-Fi calling feature is available with these service providers.

  1. Verizon- To activate Wi-Fi calling, activate HD Voice feature in your smartphone first. Set up an address for use in case of an emergency. You must have access to the internet to register it successfully.
  2. AT&T- For AT&T users, the Wi-Fi calling feature is available on selected devices. Once the Wi-Fi calling feature is enabled on your service provider, you’ll be able to enjoy more benefits.
  3. T-Mobile- To enable Wi-Fi calling feature, register your E911 address at My T-Mobile and turn on Wi-Fi and go to Settings > Wireless and Networks > More > Wi-Fi calling.
  4. Sprint- Wi-Fi calling feature through Sprint is free in the US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands number. International rates still applied for International numbers.

There is not much difference between Wi-Fi calling and normal calling with these providers. It’s just about poor or weak network quality of cellular coverage or network is unavailable. Once you set up the Wi-Fi calling feature, your device will automatically detect when to use it. If you turned off Wi-Fi calling feature and cellular service isn’t available, emergency calls might use Wi-Fi calling feature. Emergency calls might send your location information to help emergency workers find you if you have turned on your Location services.

Above are the steps and usage of Wi-Fi calling feature in Android and iOS devices. We hope that Wi-Fi calling feature will help you if there is a weak or poor network in a particular area. If you have more questions or suggestions regarding the Wi-Fi calling feature, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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