Easily Search Emails Using Search Operators in Gmail

Easily Search Emails Using Search Operators in Gmail

We all have normally seen that if we regularly use email services from any company and we end up receiving emails in large number on a daily basis, then we have to struggle to manage those emails.
From the list of huge emails, it is difficult to locate an email that we got say about a day, or a month, or a year ago. It gets frustrating when we need to hunt for one particular email . Also, it is not possible to remember the email IDs of different senders. The same situation is applicable with Gmail users. So, what is the solution for this and how we can find a particular email from the pile of thousand emails?
Gmail is heavily used for email services due to its best features and securities. It works hard to provide its services with good quality and simplicity. So, searching an email from some particular sender in Gmail is not a big task. Yes, it is good to know that Gmail has the options to search for an email from the list of thousands or more without any hassle.

How to search an email quickly in Gmail

By Search operators:
Gmail provided lots of search operators to find or sort emails from the huge list. Here we are providing the list of search operators for Gmail and their examples. Please have a look below:

gmail search operators
So, these are the search operators provided by the Google to sort or find emails.
By drop-down arrow in the search box
We can also find emails directly from the options provided in the drop down arrow provided in the search box. To do so just follow these steps:gmail_search ope1

  • Click on the dropdown arrow provided in the search box of Gmail.

  • Now fill the options accordingly to find an email or sort some similar type emails, then click on the search icon below.

Hope this will help in easily find any email in Gmail and save the precious time.

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