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How to Fix Caps Lock Not Working on Windows 10?
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How to Fix Caps Lock Not Working on Windows 10?

The issue with the caps lock could be really annoying when it refuses to work. As you often use this key while preparing your documents or for other tasks. Now that caps lock is stuck or caps lock indicators not working, then we suggest you should follow steps mentioned below. It helps you deal with caps lock not working in Windows 10 and all related issues.

How to fix caps lock not working in Windows 10?

Solution 1: Restart your PC

Various performance related issues could be fixed easily with a quick restart. Try to reboot your PC and check if caps lock has started working normally. It is one of the easiest methods to deal with temporary performance issues. Once the system has restarted check if the issue is fixed, else move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Check keyboard

Next solution is to check our hardware device. You need to ensure everything is fine with the keyboard and Caps lock key. To check this, you can try to connect an external keyboard or virtual keyboard and check if Caps lock key is working or not. You can also try to connect your keyboard to another system to ensure the keyboard is working fine or not.

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Solution 3: Check Advanced Key Settings

If the Caps lock is stuck on and you are unable to turn it off, then you might need to tweak Advanced Key Settings. You can do that by following these steps:

Right click Start menu and select Settings.

On the Settings window, select the Time & Language option.

How to fix caps lock not working

On the next window, select Region & language from the left pane.

How to fix caps lock key

  • In the right pane scroll down to find Advanced keyboard settings and click on it.
  • On the next window, select Language bar options.
  • Now you will be on a new window, here select Advanced Key Settings
  • Select Press the SHIFT key option under To turn off Caps Lock
  • Press Apply and Ok.

fix caps lock not working in Windows 10

You’re done. Check if it has fixed Caps lock not working in Windows 10.

Note: If you find Press the SHIFT key is already selected, then you need to select Press the CAPS LOCK key option.

Solution 4: Update keyboard drivers

Drivers are a crucial part of your system that ensures seamless performance of attached hardware devices. Drivers help hardware devices communicate with the operating system to perform tasks without any trouble. Now if you have outdated, missing or incompatible drivers on your PC, it could cause a lot of troubles including keyboard related issues. To fix Caps lock not working in Windows 10, you can consider updating keyboard drivers as an instant solution. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press Win + X keys and select Device Manager.
  • It will take you to the Device Manager window. Here, expand the Keyboards
  • Once you have expanded the Keyboards category, right click on device type and click Update driver.
  • Now you will find two options to update drivers including:

First Search automatically for updated driver software. Clicking this option allows Windows to search your computer and the Internet to find and install latest device drivers. Remember, you may not select this option if this feature is disabled in your installation settings.

Second: Browse my computer for driver software. You can select this option to find and update device drivers manually. Remember, you need to download the latest drivers from device manufacturer sites on your PC, before you could use this option.

fix caps lock not working

Use Best Driver Updater Software

Updating device drivers manually could be a time consuming task. If you are looking for an alternative to this, then using best driver updater software for Windows is one best solution to it. One such tool is Smart Driver Care that helps you update all your missing, corrupt, outdated, and incompatible drivers automatically to save time. It also allows you to backup existing drivers before updating.

Best driver updater

Solution 5: Try virtual keyboard

You can try using an on-screen keyboard if you have issues with your hardware device (keyboard). To use virtual keyboard on your Windows 10 PC, follow these steps:

  • Go to Start menu > Settings > Ease of Access.
  • Select Keyboard from the left
  • Toggle on Use the On-screen keyboard option in the right pane.

How to fix keyboard keys

You are done. Now you will have an on-screen keyboard to perform all tasks. You can turn on or turn off Caps lock from here.


Following steps mentioned above, you could easily fix Caps lock not working in Windows 10. These steps not only helps you fix issues with Caps lock, but it also helps you fix other keyboard related issues. Do try these steps and share your experience in the comments below.

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