Beware! You are being Watched

Beware! You are being Watched

Do you know that each device in your home, that has the Internet connection, is spying on you? Does it scare you? I name some of them – mobiles, webcam, wearables. Even if it scares you, you cannot avoid these as you have become used to them.  These devices are our gateways to the Internet of Things and are trying to make our lives easier. We should accept them.

Video Baby Monitor:

These days, both husband and wife are working and the baby is at home with a babysitter. However, you have a video baby monitor as you both want to feel safe.  Now you both can watch your little one from anywhere. A sense of relief? But do you know that a hacker can also watch all the activities at home? So, make it sure to secure your routers and modems.

Locking System:

We feel secure, till now, after locking our home and garage with the best available lock in the market. These days, you can lock and unlock your home with your smartphone from anywhere. If your Internet connected system is not properly safeguarded, then a hacker can also make a try.


You must have heard of Xbox, which permits users to talk to each other and video chat. Users can allow Microsoft’s Kinect to identify their face and enable automatic sign-in to an Xbox Live profile. And you should be careful enough to know that the other person can see your place. Your IP address has got all the links – be it your camera, chat logs and audio. Now, the Internet of Things is also in the news. So, remember to shut down your game console and check for network security when not in use.

Smart TV:

The old age TV has been promoted to smart TV. It has voice command features. Please do remember that smart TVs are programmed to send your data to third parties when a voice request is processed. It may be private conversation also. So, tighten your TV’s security and privacy options.


Earlier, a webcam was an upgrade in a computer. But these days, the webcam is a normal device for every businessperson. The webcam has many benefits.
Earlier, you had to travel a lot even for a brief meeting. Now, double click or press a button at the place to have a face-to-face meeting. Technology has brought these advantages. However, it has disadvantage also. If a hacker takes over the webcam, he can have the knowledge of our affairs and a look around of our place without ever being noticed. Therefore, always shut down and secure your devices after use.
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Protect Yourself:

So, it is always better to secure yourself.
Try to use complex passwords for all the devices. You can also go for password generator. There are companies that offer free password generators and online password vaults. They are very effective in protecting you and your personal information from the point of login. Have full details about the security and privacy settings available. Always turn off the device once you have completed your work.


This is an era of smartness, so, be careful. With the coming of Internet of Things, the online world has become a dangerous place. Know about the risks involved all around and do the proper planning to reduce them.

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