Best PDF Splitter Software for Windows To Bifurcate Your PDF Files

Best PDF Splitter Software for Windows To Bifurcate Your PDF Files

PDFs come really handy when you have to display or share documents and presentations in a single format across multiple devices. PDFs open up as they are despite whatever PDF reader the user has. On the contrary, there are possibilities that a doc file may not support a word processor from a different developer or of a different version. That’s why people tend to convert doc files into PDF before running them on some projector screen.

One of the other reasons that people tend to prefer PDF files for both professional purpose and academic submissions is that it can’t be edited. If anyone has to edit PDF files, he/she has to go for the paid/premium versions of PDF readers. No editing also means that you cannot cut/copy/paste content from one file to another. You can’t cut down the size of the PDF. And you can’t omit mistakes, therefore, what’s done is done.

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Imagine now that you have to give a lengthy presentation in different sessions or you have to prepare lecture notes for different sessions, but all that information you have is in one single format. You can’t edit the content, can’t take the content somewhere else, and also cannot bifurcate a PDF into two. Wait! That, you can do.

PDF Splitter software is a great tool for users to cut down a PDF file into many so as to not only shorten its size but can also be used as a PDF content splitter to organize the information within them. Here is a list of some of the finest PDF splitters to download and use:

Download and Use the Finest PDF Splitter Software for Windows:

1. PDFsam


PDFsam is a versatile PDF splitter software that not only allows bifurcating PDF files but also helps in merging, editing, and adding an electronic signature to those PDFs. PDFsam allows splitting up files not just from a page number but also at any given bookmark level.

PDFsam is open source and is available for free, but a free version does not act as a full-fledged PDF editor. For that, you must choose fromPDFsam Enhanced and PDFsam Visual, which are two commercialized products from the developers. For free, all you can do is split and merge, just like the software’s name which says “sam”(split and merger).


Pros Cons
– Allows various basis of splitting a PDF file. – Have various editing restrictions, only to be removed in paid versions
– Easy to use – Do not allow previews of PDF files in the free version.

2. Sejda

Sejda PDF Split

Sejda PDF splitter and merger is an all-rounder PDF editing tool. It allows you to split PDF files in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Upload your file.

Step 2: Choose from split options.

Step 3: Execute the split process. 

The split options here are very vast. You can not only select pages manually to split the document, but Sejda also offers pre-loaded algorithms to select pages. For example, you can split the PDF by even page numbers, by file size, or by any number of pages (X). Plus, it also has an online PDF splitter that allows users to split PDFs directly on the web. But, Sejda isn’t free, but it has three different pricing plans that users have to choose from.

Pros Cons
– Accept uploads from Google Drive and Dropbox as well.   – The free version allows only 50MB of PDF data to be processed every hour. Even then, the number of pages can’t exceed 200. 
– Also acts as an online PDF splitter software through the browser.  – No other feature from Sejda such as the converter module, editor module, etc. isn’t available in the free version. 
– Have multiple options to split and extract new bifurcated files. 

3. iLove PDF

iLovePDf Splitter

One of the most loaded PDF splitter software, iLove PDF is a complete package. Splitting PDFs is too easy in iLove, and can be done in two ways; one is by page ranges and the other is by each page in the PDF. The second option splits every page of the file into individual PDFs. 

The software is filled with every other PDF-related feature including merging PDFs and also has an extensive PDF converter. It allows users to convert a PDF file into various formats including JPG and HTML

Pros Cons
– Every feature is free, but there are limitations. – The free version has restrictions over file size and number of uploads per task. For splitting PDF, only one file (100 MB) is allowed. 
– Is also available on mobile phone via iLovePDF mobile app. – Free version has ads. 
– Allow multiple tasks without barriers. 

4. Google Chrome

Though it’s a bit tricky and long shot process to use Google Chrome as a PDF splitter, but for a free PDF splitter online, one can consider it as a suitable approach. Here’s how the process goes: 

Step 1: Upload a PDF file on Chrome. Either paste the URL or upload the file by pressing Ctrl+O

Step 2: Press Ctrl+P to print. But don’t print it. In the preview page, change Destination to Save as PDF.  

Step 3: In the pages section, switch to custom. 

Step 4: Type the page range you want in the first PDF. Suppose 1-50. Then save. The PDF saved would only contain the first 50 pages. 

Pros Cons
– Free. Can be used on any system.  – Need to repeat the process for every split for a single PDF.. 
– Is embedded within Chrome, so no external PDF splitter software required.

5. PDF Xchange Editor

Just as most of the PDF splitter software, PDF Xchange is also a full-fledge editor and splitting PDF document is just a feature in here. It’s completely offline and works really easy. It has a full taskbar menu, where you can head to Organize>>Split. There you’ll find the option for Split Pages.

There is a price for Xchange Editor’s full version, and you can only use the entire list of features during the short trial period. After that, you need to loosen up your pockets. A drawback is that you can only split pages into a set number of page ranges, which can’t be customized.

Pros Cons
– Is a fully loaded PDF splitter software and can be used offline. – Do not allow to customize page-range while splitting. There are set page ranges, which you can choose from to split PDF.  
– Allow cloud integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, and MS Office 365. 

Our Pick:

iLovePDF is your best pick here. It is easy to use and is free of cost and only the PDF editing features are paid. There are multiple options to split the PDF files and allow comparatively larger files to be uploaded in one splitting task. Plus, you can also convert PDFs into multiple formats. However, there are always restrictions regarding file size and a number of pages. 

Google Chrome as a Basic Alternative:

If PDF splitter software is of lesser use to you, then you always have Google Chrome. Google Chrome has a tricky but useful method of splitting pages. The only drawback is that you need to split pages in the document in multiple tasks. But if PDF splitting is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for you, you can do that without hassle. 

PDF splitter software is of great use for dividing long notes and even PDF versions of long books and novels. It is easier to share PDF files when the content is finely organized so that the receiver can comprehend what it is about. By using these fine tools, you can achieve that quite easily without much hassle. 

Tell Us About Your Pick:

Let us know in the comments which PDF splitter software you prefer out of these and tell us in what scenarios they can come of best use for you. 

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