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Best Life Hacks for Fixing a Phone Dropped in Water

Mobile phones are the most-handy thing and they often fall from your hand. Most of the time it remains safe, all thanks to the bumpers, scratch-guards and phone covers but not always. And not everybody keeps their phone covered all the time. But ever imagined, what if you dropped phone in water? It’s the most horrifying thing we can imagine because for me, my phone is the most precious vault that keeps all my memories and important stuff.

Here in this article, we are going to explore what to do when you drop your phone in water. What I did when I dropped my phone in water. How to dry out a phone if you encounter such a mishap. After going through this article, you will feel relaxed even if you drop your phone in a pool of water, bathtub, washbasin or phone got wet while walking in the rain for a sake. Just relax, take a deep breath as it is going to be fixed with these life hacks.

“Please Note: These tricks may not work if you dropped your phone in wet Mud or Commode.”

What to do When You Drop Your Phone in Water?

If you have dropped phone in water, or someone in your family handed over a water damaged phone, here is how to dry out a phone.

Step 1. The best way to dry out a phone is to take it out from the water as soon as you can. The quicker you take it out of the water, the chances of recovery will increase. Remember, It’s never too late!

Step 2. Water damaged phone needs to be turned off immediately if it doesn’t auto cut off the power. If it is turned OFF, DON’T TRY to turn it back ON and check if it is functional. Doing so will permanently damage your phone.

Step 3. Hold the phone upright as you normally hold it while making a call. This will give way to the water in the device to reach out to exit points through the charging and mic exits.

Step 4. Remove the cover and the battery if possible. Many new smartphones don’t allow you to open up the phone and take out the battery but if you have the option, do it! This will cut off the power and help the device to avoid circuit failure.

Step 5. Remove the SIM card and Micro SD card from the device. If you have a stylus connected, remove that too. You can wipe them with a dry cloth and use them in secondary phones to keep receiving calls. You can also take a backup of the Micro SD Card on your laptop.

Step 6. Remove excess water with a smooth cotton cloth by wiping it off from all the slots, entries, jacks and peripheries of the device including the battery.

Step 7. Now it’s time to internally dry out the water damaged phone. But how to dry a phone, that’s the trick. Use a Vacuum Cleaner to pull out micro particles of water from hard to reach slots. Move it all over the phone and especially around the exit ports to suck micro particles of water for around 2-3 minutes. Keep a safe distance depending on the vacuum power.

putting phone in rice

Step 8. The best way to dry out a phone may sound a little orthodox, but this is the best way to dry out a phone. This has worked for many years and saved a lot of water damaged phones. Put the wet phone in rice container (uncooked). Just dip it completely down in the heap of rice in a vertical position. Putting the wet phone in rice really helps as rice is a great absorbent and it pulls out the moisture as it is moist hungry grain.

Putting the phone in rice sounds easy but for how long to keep wet phone in rice is a trick. The climate, the amount of time it spent in water, open portion of the phone decides how long to keep wet phone in rice.

“Please Note: Never ever use a Hairdryer on water damaged phone as it may trigger short circuit in the water damaged phone resulting in an irreversible loss.”

If you don’t have rice or don’t want to go for this trick, there are more tricks to dry out wet phone.

Cat Litter to dry out wet phone

OR Use the best, clean and dry Cat Litter to dry out wet phone as cat litter is also a very good absorbent and works similar to uncooked rice. Just put dry cat litter into a plastic bowl and insert your mobile in it.

silica get to dry out wet phone

Alternatively, You may also make use of Silica Gel sachets to dry out wet phone. It is also a very good absorbent and intakes all the available water and moisture around it.

If you have dropped phone in water, you will need some patience to dry it up. It takes around 48-72 hours to dry out water damaged phones. You may also expose it to sunlight for 30 minutes after taking it out from the absorbent.”

Don’t remove your phone in just an hour or a day! It may not be sufficient to drain out complete moisture and may turn ON your phone but cause short-circuit. After trying these best ways to dry out a phone, you may try to turn ON your phone.

If it doesn’t turn up, try connecting a charger and turn it ON again. If it turns ON, leave it on charging until it reaches up to 90%. Don’t charge it 100% as the phone just came out of shock.

If it starts working, don’t just drag out its life. Use it at a slow pace and observe if there are any changes noticed after it is recovered.

If it still didn’t turn up to the home screen, don’t panic, just visit the company service centre and describe the situation.

If your water damaged phone is heating up after it recovered from water stroke, turn it OFF and consult on a service centre.

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Summing Up

If you dropped phone in water, try out the above steps on the water damaged phone. Don’t underestimate the power of putting phone in rice, it really works! If you were successful in recovering the phone or fixing a phone dropped in water, don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and family members.

You never know, when these life-saving hacks turn out to be useful to you. These are the best ways to dry out a phone as putting phone in rice worked for me when I dropped my phone in water. If you know a better practice, do share it with us in the comment section.

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