Best Free Encrypted Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

Let’s Interact with More Security & Less Spending

Best Free Encrypted Messaging Apps for Android & iOS

One of the most discussed topics in the current era of technological revolution is “data security and privacy”. Securing user data has become the bane of existence for several tech moguls in the recent years, with frequent breaches and reports of data misuse by platforms. The least a user can expect from a service provider is to keep his/her data secure while giving permissions because, without it, the apps won’t work properly. So it seems like the user doesn’t have much of a choice wherein the provider can have some more security layers to keep the data secure.

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Facebook & WhatsApp

Ironically, Facebook is the one who had seen the ultimate ups and drastic downs in the last decade that many companies haven’t seen in 2-3 decades. And maybe this is one of the reasons that the company believes in taking risks but is fully aware of protecting the users’ confidential info.

Facebook already holds some of the major players of the market such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram including WhatsApp. WhatsApp literally is the most famously used messaging app in the market currently that provides encrypted messaging service.

This is one of the reasons that to date, WhatsApp tops the most successful acquisitions Facebook had ever.

Encryption Messaging 2020

In order to keep your messages secure and breach-free, you require an end-to-end messaging app. End-to-end encryption in messaging service makes sure that the only person you are sending the messages to, has the access to read it. And obviously in case of any third party trying to access that message will get a string of codes that won’t make any sense.

The current trends of data breaches have led companies to tighten up the security layers and providing encrypted messaging service. Almost all the big giants in the market offer encrypted messaging or at least they claim to.

Few of them offer the same on Android OS, few on iOS, and a few on both the platforms. Let’s check out here the best encrypted messaging apps for Android OS as well as iOS:

Best Free Encrypted Messaging Apps 2020

1. WhatsApp Messenger (Android & iOS; Free)

Without a blink, I don’t think there is any app in any part of the world that’s being used to this level. As per the current data, WhatsApp has reached 2 billion active users and that’s immensely huge. 2 billion people continuously using and believing in an app that provides end-to-end encrypted messaging service to the sender as well as the receiver.

whatsapp messenger

From a group of pals deciding the venue for a get-together to a professional having a deal of million dollars, WhatsApp has literally impressed everyone around the world.

All you need to do to verify if the chat has been encrypted, follow the below path:

  1. Open any of the random chat on your WhatsApp
  2. Click on the name/number above to view the user’s profile
  3. Scroll down and look for “Encryption
  4. Tap on Encryption and look for a QR code & a random 60-digit security code. Bingo. It means that your chat is 100% secure and it’s been encrypted.

Download the free WhatsApp Messanger for AndroidOS and iOS here.

You can also use Web WhatsApp from here.

2. Signal (Android & iOS; Free)

The Signal messaging app is another one of the free and fully secure messaging apps that keeps your messages secure and visible to the people you wanted to. An instantaneous communication app that is available all around the world and without any cost. Isn’t it amazing?


You don’t have to pay a single penny to get connected to the people in any part of the world and that too with security. I can’t think of any better deal that focuses on sharing valuable moments with the people who matter to you.

You can freely use Signal on below platforms without spending a single cent:

AndroidOS, iOS, Windows, & macOS

3. Telegram Messenger (Android & iOS; Free)

One more successfully executed messaging app that has proved to be one of the most secure chat apps ever. Telegram might not be that popular all over the world, however, it has made its mark on a lot of countries and they all prefer Telegram over WhatsApp or any other app anytime.


A fast, powerful, and secure messaging app that believes in keeping the user’s data secure is an identity of Telegram messenger. One of the best encrypted messaging apps is absolutely free to use and is without ads. The company isn’t planning to convert the service into a paid one ever, as it claims. Can you expect a better deal than this? I literally can’t.

Go ahead, download the encrypted messenger here and enjoy secure texting without worrying.

4. Viber Messenger: Chats & Calls (Android & iOS; Free)

The list is getting stronger with every addition of the most secure chat apps that now welcomes Viber Messenger. Alike the above-mentioned apps, there are a few similarities in all of these apps such as end-to-end encryption, compatibility with Android as well as iOS, and is absolutely free to use. With over 1 billion active users worldwide, the app ranked at 24 in the list of social networking sites on the App Store.

vober messenger

Few of the features Viber offer include free audio & video calling, opening group chat, and 100% privacy to your messages. One of the most striking factors is the app lets you create a chat that you don’t want anyone else to poke into. You can also set a destruction timer for the chat and it will be gone. Poof!!

Why delay then? Tap on the link and download the compatible secure messaging app here.

5. Wire – Secure Messenger (Android & iOS; Free)

With every addition, all we can experience is a list of encrypted messaging apps and that too without spending a single penny. One of the most secure collaboration platform that increases the productivity in your team while keeping your information private. And that is all we need. Privacy and security of our conversations.


The Wire Messenger is 100% open-source and independently audited app that plans to have tens of million users with the features it provides free of cost. Not wholly, but designed by keeping the business people in mind, the app lets you invite partners, customers, and suppliers to collaborate through the unique guest rooms. All you need to do is press the one-click conference call button and your voice or video meetings will start on time. Simple as that.

Download one of the most advanced and secure messaging apps here for Android/iOS.

You can also view the paid version here with additional features.

6. Dust – a safer place to text (Android & iOS; Free)

The tagline of this secure messaging app is “Own your world”. Dust is a suite of digital safety tools for private communication, web search, and identity theft protection. An encrypted messenger is a powerful bundle of the stealth search tool and watchdog feature that makes the app more credible.


Some of the most unique features I have experienced with Dust are unsend any messages anytime and erases the history automatically after 24 hours.

Download this most customized encrypted messenger app here and get control of your messages.

7. Wickr Me – Private Messenger (Android & iOS; Free)

Claimed as the leader in secure communication, Wickr Me is an end-to-end encrypted messenger app that keeps the user’s privacy on top. Wickr Me is an open-source code that gets audited by the crypto community. Alike a few messenger apps, Wickr lets you set a timer to destruct the messaging content automatically.

wickr me

Ironically and a bit challenging aspect from Wickr Me is that the Bug Bounty Program started by the app. Anyone who can point out security vulnerabilities can be rewarded with a bounty of up to $100,000 depending on a few factors.

I believe this is one of the reasons I will want to use the app and dig it thoroughly. Either I’ll be extremely happy to know that the app is damn secure or else be ready to have a few dollars in my account.

Download this secure-than-vault app from here and start using it.

Wrapping Up

Though there are 1000s (not literally) apps you can find to have conversations with your dear ones, the security concern will always be there. The above list is a perfect combination of reliability, consistency, end-to-end encryption, and credibility.

Do check the features of the apps thoroughly and choose the one you want to have in your device (considering that you already have WhatsApp in your device already).

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