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Best Fighting Games for Android – All Games Under 50 MB
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Best Fighting Games for Android – All Games Under 50 MB

Even if you are the most peace-loving soul on the planet you would still need to vent your emotions or anger somewhere? Blurting that frustration out on someone is definitely not a good option. But, with an Android phone in your hand, you can literally land heavy punches or even flying kicks. But on whom? On a virtual character of course! While fighting games for Android can be heavy and take a toll on your device’s resources, here’s our list of Android fighting games that are lightweight. Having said that, the games mentioned in the list are extremely engaging and would keep you busy for hours.

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Best Fighting Games for Android

So! Pull all that anger, agitation, energy or whatever that is fueling your adrenaline and smash this list of Android fighting games

1. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

The game puts you in the shoes of a lethal ninja and equips you with customizable weapons like a nunchucks, swords, armor suits and deadly martial arts techniques. One of the best fighting games for Android, Shadow Fight 2 has over 100 million installs. If you play it once, you’ll want to play it more and more.

Fight Begins Here

Get ready for armed combat with features like –

  • Intuitive fighting interface designed exclusively for touchscreens
  • Captivating storyline consisting of six worlds of threatening demons
  • Realistic characters brought to life with a spectacular animation system like never seen before

Size: 30M

Rating: 4.6 Stars

2. Karate King Fighter

Karate King Fighter

As the name suggests, Karate King fighters bring out the hidden karateka in you. And, it’s not just karate we are talking about, you can pin your rivals using styles like taekwondo, kung-fu, Muay Thai, boxing and so many others.

Fight Begins Here

And, here’s what more you can do –

  • Mere punches and kicks are for warm up. In the real one on one combat, you can leave your opponent totally flabbergasted using flip kicks, super punches, and several other lethal combos
  • Summon the fighter in you with thrilling sounds and amazing 3D effects
  • Smooth touchscreen controls
  • Attractive competitions and rewards as and when you knock your challengers down

Size: 45M

Rating: 4.3 Stars

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3. Bodybuilder Fighting Club 2019: Wrestling Games

Bodybuilder Fighting Club

Be the brawny bodybuilder you’ve always dreamt off and get to test your fighting prowess using a variety of fighting forms like wrestling, karate, Muay-Thai and several others. Bodybuilder Fighting Club 2019 is one of the most realistic fighting games for Android with lifelike 3D characters. What gives this game even more life is how you can throw jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and several other combos.

Fight Begins Here

If ground and pound is your thing, you’ll love the game for features like

  • Real world gym fighting simulation with lifelike bodybuilders (characters)
  • Stunning slow-motion effects
  • Several challenges and rewards that get unlocked when you win fights

Size: 41 M

Rating: 4.3 Stars

4. Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior

Stick Fight

Making it to the list of action games under 50 MB is Stick Fight that’ll keep you hooked up to your device’s screen for a long time. Have a look at some of the spellbinding features of the game –

Fight Begins Here

  • Extremely simplistic characters performing astonishing moves
  • Several missions where you can beat enemies and win belts and other rewards
  • Arsenal of customizable designs and weapons for characters

Size: 42M

Rating: 4.2 Stars

5. Kings of Street fighting – Kung Fu future fight

Kings of Street fighting

In reality, a street brawl might put you in trouble. Still cannot resist? Why not leave that to fighting games for Android? Kings of Street fighting is undoubtedly one of the best action games under 50 MB that lets you bring out the inherent ninja in you using magnificent 3D characters.

Fight Begins Here


  • Several intriguing missions packed with a lot of action
  • Fast-paced narrative and intuitive gameplay
  • Several fighting combos to give you a one of kind street fighting experience

Size: 42M

Rating: 4.1 Stars

Now, you get to choose your fights, fighting styles, and your place right here on your Android Phone. If you think you’ve got the brains and the brawns, choose from amongst the above-mentioned fighting games for Android and give your device an extra edge with Systweak Android cleaner which doubles up as a game booster too.

Do you have a better arena to place your bet, a better game for testing rumbling skills, do mention in the comments section below ‘cause we’re always in a game on mode!

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