Best Christmas Gifts For Every Gamer

Best Christmas Gifts For Every Gamer

Who doesn’t like secret santa gifts and with Christmas fast approaching, everyone’s looking for spectacular Christmas gift ideas.

But, for some who wear technology as their second skin, any and every Christmas gift might just be a faux pas. Let’s say you have a son or daughter or any other family member or friend who’s a complete gaming freak? You wouldn’t want to go wrong with their Christmas presents, would you?

So here are some apt gift ideas for avid gamers. Take out word for it, these are the Christmas gift ideas which will just blow your loved one’s mind! You never know you might just tick one of their Christmas wish list off –

Best Christmas Gifts:

1. Consoles

ps4 - christmas gift ideas

There’s a high chance that a gaming console is on Christmas wish list of the gamer in your life. Afterall, Just as a human is incomplete without a soul, a gamer is incomplete without a console! Talking of consoles, they certainly make for best secret Santa gifts option.

And, there is just no end to the variety of consoles that you can present to a gamer as a Christmas gift. Depending on how much you are willing to spend you can choose from a variety of gaming consoles. From handheld consoles to those that you can connect onto a television, choose your pick. Here are some of the best gaming consoles that you might consider as a secret Santa gift.

2. Laptop For Gamers

laptop for gamers - Best Christmas Gifts For Every Gamer

Why get hooked to chunky TV screens (we are definitely not against them, in fact we love them as much as any other gamer), try your hands on a gaming laptop instead. Gaming laptops have a charm of their own – awesome graphics, mind blowing audio, gorgeous display and not to forget the comfort of taking it anywhere on your whims and fancies.

Dell certainly has some great gaming laptops up its sleeves and it has upped the game with Dell XPS 13 (starting at $899) and G5 15 (starting at $799).

It’s not just Dell, but there are other players too that we have reviewed and mentioned here !

Now, if your secret santa gifts you a gaming laptop of your dreams? You’d probably jump in happiness.

3. Stylish Yet Ergonomic Keyboard

gaming keyboard - good Christmas gifts
Source: Amazon

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for someone who loves to juggle between games and the tasks on desktop? Does your Christmas gift involve someone who prefers keyboard over joysticks and controllers?  A gaming keyboard could just be your pick. Such mechanical keyboards are ergonomic, visually appealing, tactile and most importantly are tested for durability and strength.

Farsic Adjustable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one such device that comes with anti-ghosting LED and tactile keys. The best part is that it is water resistant. In fact, it contains anodized aluminum frames that facilitate drainage of liquids with the help of 4 holes.

4. Best PS4 Controllers

PS4 is probably the best-selling gaming console, something that is a must have if you are a gamer. And, if you wish to take your experience to a whole new level, you shouldn’t away from investing in PS4 controllers. There’s a lot that lies beneath that sleek design – ergonomic controller buttons to navigate whilst in the game, joysticks with awesome grip, central touchpad  amongst several other features. Some controllers even let you share screenshots while you are playing the game. Using these easy to follow steps you can connect a PS4 controller to PC without a hiccup!

Talking of the price a PS4 controller won’t even cost you much and which is why it is considered a gift idea for gamers. For example, a Nacon Asymmetrical Wireless PS4 controller would cost you around $60 and if you can extend your budget a little you can get a Razer Raiju Tournament edition controller for around $135.

What If My PS4 Controller Dies Out Of Battery?

Now, imagine you and your son are enjoying your favorite game and your PS4 controllers run out of juice. Worry not! in that scenario, PS4 controller chargers can be a lifesaving Christmas gift not just for your son but for you as well. For a controller charger like YTeam PS4 you will have to shed only $11.98

In The End

How did you like these gift ideas for gamers? Apart from the items above there are several other things that you can gift to the gamers. If you have more unique Christmas gift ideas, do share with us in the comments section below.

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