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A Look Back at Apple’s Biggest Security Threats
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A Look Back at Apple’s Biggest Security Threats

Few years back researchers, security firms and even press were interested to know about Mac malware as it was something new. Up till then, no one had ever thought that Mac malware would become so common. But with time things have changed, Mac threats are nothing new and hearing about them doesn’t come as a shock.

With the three malware families that appeared in 2016 alone it has become evident that it is a norm. In addition to this, the latest bug found in MacOS High Sierra (anyone could login to the machine with a blank password) proves that malware attacks are no longer a problem only for Windows users.

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1. MacOS High Sierra Bug (2017)

The latest version of MacOS had a critical security error that allowed anyone to login into the machine with administrative controls without even knowing the login password.
This flaw was discovered by Turkish developer who used ‘root’ as the username and left password field blank. He did this multiple time and could login each time with this trick. That is, anyone who enters ‘root’ as the username and keeps password blank can access the machine with all administrative rights.

This flaw however doesn’t affect the previous version but certainly the user who use MacOS High Sierra are at risk. The only way to stay protected against such vulnerability is to keep the OS updated.

2. Keydnap (2016)

OS X malware discovered by ESET researchers in July 2016, is designed to steal content, passwords from Apple’s keychain application. A backdoor Trojan that looks like KeRanger. The malware was found hidden in the valid Transmission BitTorrent application. It did not harm many users but is a clear example that confirms how hackers are targeting Mac machines.

3. Mac Eleanor (2016)

Mac Eleanor is another example of Mac malware that skins inside a fake file converter. As the user runs the tool, Tor is loaded, allowing cybercriminals to control victim’s Mac and capture webcam images. The purpose of this threat is to lock the user out of the machine or to use the machine as a botnet.

4.KeyRanger Ransomware (2016)

A threat that kicks out user of the system and demands ransom. It has been attacking Windows machines for years but this time it was different. Mac was on target as the ransomware was hiding inside BitTorrent and was designed to encrypt OS X system files.

5.KeyRaider (2015)

Jailbreaking is never recommended, it makes your device vulnerable. But still users ignore such warning and Jailbreak their device. KeyRaider is a risk for jailbroken iOS devices it is designed to steal valid Apple account details, certificated, private key and more. Hackers have all the details and use them to purchase different apps and even to demand ransom.

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Apart from these there are many that you may not have even heard of. These threats are a clear examples that illustrate how your Mac is at risk. No longer its only Windows that is targeted, if you are still under a misconception that since you are a Mac user you are safe, this article is for you. It will work as an eye opener for those who don’t believe that there is something called as Mac malware.