A Glimpse of Your Future PC

A Glimpse of Your Future PC

It is the nature of human being to look to the future for answers. Predictions have been made. Dreams have been knitted. What is beyond the horizon? In the world of personal computing, we are also trying to see what shape it will take. If you are an old fashioned, you may not like what is coming. But, the technology is changing so fast and probably, it will make our life easy. Hands-free navigation, telepresence, holograms and shadow hands are just a few future applications. New technologies are going to change the way we use computers.

Navigational Change:

Till now, we are using the mouse to navigate through a computer. The first mouse was made from wood. So, new technology will result in the demise of mouse and we will be navigating the computer by controlling our mind.
Touch-screen technology will show its impact. You may see a seamless and instantaneous connection with your device. Future screens will enable multitasking and can sense multiple inputs from multiple users on a single screen. Future PCs may allow you to choose a preferred method of navigation.

Gesture Control:

A physical in-hand controller or just a body gesture will help you play a game on the computer. If you have played PlayStation Move or Xbox Kinect, then you may identify this technology. This type of interface is coming up fast and may come up on your PC.

Voice Recognition:

Voice technology is already here via Siri and the Android. This technology can recognize accents and take the orders. Games and websites will be able to handle voice commands.

Optical Control:

You may be surprised to know that very soon, the computer will be able to read your eyes and act accordingly. OMG!

Mind Control

Our scientists are trying to control your brain. They are trying to identify brain wave patterns and the thinking will be communicated to your PC to take corresponding action. It means that what you can think, you can do it. Wow!


In the chat room for the first time, you can think only of name, age, personality of the person you are going to chat with. But, Skype lets you bring that person in front of you, however far he or she may be. Now, you may get 3-D hologram technology very soon. Telepresence will enable a projection of that person in your home. You may feel sitting across and chatting in real time. Is it not amazing?

Haptics Technology:

Time is coming very soon when you may be giving controls to a hand on your end and the controls are felt on the on another end. This kind of haptics technology is being developed. This is the closest available alternative to the real thing. This hand can emulate 24 different human movements.
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Smart Computers:

IBM researchers are trying to make the computers learn our requirements and make the changes accordingly to make our life easy.
The speed with which computer technology is changing, it will not crazy to think that the current form of computer will reinvent itself.

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