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7 Best Products For Cloud Security That You Must Know About
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7 Best Products For Cloud Security That You Must Know About

If we look at the current scenario, then there are innumerable software, apps, and gadgets that can ensure the safety of a particular system or network. However, we shift our focus to cloud which has become very popular lately, there are not enough security tools monitoring tools! But do you know about the top cloud security products that can be used? Well, don’t worry if you are not aware. Here we give you a list of best cloud-based security products that may come handy to you!

1. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

This product has multi-layered protection for multi cloud environment. It has been tested and is proven to deliver its promises efficiently. This one is also equipped with advanced security controls for workloads in public clouds. Basically, this has integrated core technologies for cloud security in a way that it has secured a place in list of cloud security solution.

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2. SonicWall Capture Cloud Platform

This one was designed with a goal of stopping unknown and zero-day attack that cause destruction. Being equipped with RTDMI(Real Time Deep Memory Inspection), hypervisor level analysis, etc., it is easier to shield the cloud from malicious files. Also, it blocks the suspected files from entering the cloud in order to take precautions. Impressive indeed!

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3. Gigamon GigaSecure Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Coming to this one, it enables firms in case of critical apps that are being deployed with Microsoft Azure. The platform of Gigamon GigaSecure Cloud helps in keeping an eye on the virtual networks and sending the necessary report if necessary. In this, if a congestion takes place, the IP address of the same is easily determined.

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4. Fidelis Elevate

It is the most recent update of Fidelis Elevate platform which is competent enough of securing the cloud environment as well. This one even creates decoys that are similar to organization’s environment. It efficiently analysis the traffic which is incoming and outgoing from cloud so that it can be shielded from the threats causing mass destruction.

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5. Tripwire Cloud Management Assessor

It features e integrity monitoring capabilities so that allows you to find publicly exposed cloud instances. You may ask why? Well because in several cases some sensitive data was left in the cloud causing too much of controversy. Using this, shielding from the threats and vulnerabilities within the environment becomes easier.

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6. Qualys CloudView

This one is known for delivering topological visibility and analytics about security of the cloud that you know what is happening at the moment. It searches threats and vulnerabilities by considering attributes and relationships. Also, it makes you aware of the leaky storage buckets, ungoverned instances. Usually these hard to be found and thus we needed cloud-based solutions that are effective and are capable of identifying the instances or assets that are vulnerable to get attacked!

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7. Untangle Firewall-as-a-Service

Recently Untangle has upgraded its Firewall that helps the customers as they can now deploy it in AWS as well. The product works as the normal firewall but operates on cloud and thus is flexible. It analyses the traffic and notifies if something is abnormal. Also, this has grabbed a position in Hot New Cloud Security Products for 2018.

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This is not an exhaustive list of the products that you may use, but these are surely the top cloud-based security products. There are several cloud security monitoring tools as well which can be utilized. We hope that you are now aware of top cloud security products and will deploy these for sure.

Have we left anything crucial? Do let us know about them!

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