How to Fix Sound Problems in Windows 10

Imagine you are trying to stream music or a movie on your Windows 10 PC, and the speakers don’t work, there is no sound. Despite every attempt, you can’t get the Audio services to respond. It’s a nightmare-like situation and it means there is some audio problems on your Windows 10 system.

There can be tons of reasons behind, audio services becoming non responsive and this creates quite a mess. The problem can be with hardware of your system speakers, that unfortunately can’t be fixed from within the computer. But then, there are several causes associated with software and driver issues leading to sound on Windows not working.

Check out our guide on how you can fix-up Windows 10 sound problem and find out the cause responsible for audio services not working.

Fix Audio Problems On Windows 10
1. Verify Default Audio Device
2. Run Troubleshooter
3. Reboot Audio Services
4. Turn Off Audio Enhancements

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0:22 - Verify Default Audio Device
1:10 - Run Troubleshooter
1:38 - Reboot Audio Services
1:56 - Turn Off Audio Enhancements


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