Type of Mac Malware

Type of Mac Malware

Most of the Mac users refuse to believe malware exists for Mac. Of Course, they are far and few, but they aren’t non-existent. Which makes it important for Mac users to take precautions to protect their system. The first step towards that, would be to have a good idea about the type of threats and how they can  affect our system.

Type of Mac Malware

All existent malware can be broadly classified into 2 types. The first type can infect the machine without user intervention while the second type, tricks a user into downloading, installing and running the malicious code. The latter is  known as trojan horse, named after the famous Greek wooden horse used to stealthily bring soldiers into the city.

While sometimes, malware are further classified into  subcategories, there is actually not much distinction amongst them.

On the other hand, viruses rely on system vulnerability. Although most of them try to stop these untrusted codes from running automatically. Viruses are more threatening to your Mac than malware. They depend on security bugs in the system, which if found paves way for them without users knowledge.

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Malware for Mac

The malware which tricks users and affects mac working is categorized as trojan. It fools the user in  a way that he is forced to install it unknowingly. However, an aware user would usually not fall for such false tactics. Another Malware type uses third party vulnerability to install itself in the system.

Since they are far and few, there is not much to worry about as of now however, you must be cautious and aware  at the same time. The simplest step is to keep your Mac updated and stay alert about the types of attacks faced by other users.

Malware for Mac

Adware for Mac

Adware is a malicious software designed to display advertisements within the browser. This causes web page to redirect to different search engines and homepage alterations. It is different from other ad supported programs as its main purpose is to earn money.

It is not easy to detect an adware, even an anti-virus software can fail. Therefore, it is suggested before clicking on an ad, you must check it twice. Mac adware behaves like a trojan as it pretends to be something that the user is looking for but, in reality it fools them. Adware piggyback a genuine software from website and could also come bundled within an app installer.

It is the biggest threat for mac users because most of the users easily fall prey to it. Once downloaded, getting rid of it is not easy. While it is not a serious threat but it can be very annoying.

Therefore, we should keep a constant check on browsing activities and what gets downloaded.

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However, there’s a good news, Mac OS X efficiently deals with real threats and its anti-malware features are very good.  For now it is mostly adware that the user needs to be careful about.

Not only this, there are certain malware which are vested by third party software. The oldest example of it is Word macro virus which has lately shown a comeback. Also, Adobe Flash can be a potential source of susceptibility if not updated regularly. Worst of all are Java applets which can break out sandboxing. It is advisable to  Javascript from your browsers.

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