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Here Are The Top 5 Reddit Alternatives of This Year

Table of Contents

1. Quora2. HackerNews3.Hubski4. Mashable5. Digg

If you spend most of your time scrolling through the feed, surfing the internet, the chances are high that you might have heard of “Reddit.” But do you know what is it and what it does? Well, if you don’t! Let me tell you, Reddit is one of the most popular social platforms on the internet where you can find almost everything. It a social news media aggregation website, a huge collection of forums, where you can share news, content, and comment on others’ posts.

I know, you must be thinking if Reddit is a popular website that comprises almost everything than why there is a need for its alternatives?

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Here is the answer, Reddit has its own rules and regulations which need to be followed by its users and if you forbid to do so, Woosh! You are permanently banned! ?

That’s why there is a need for an alternative. There are a lot of platforms like Reddit, which function the same as Reddit and have no restrictions at all.

We have listed some of the best 5 Websites Like Reddit to make your grip stronger on the world’s questionnaires.

1. Quora


Here goes the Quora, pretty exciting and famous open discussion Site Like Reddit. Quora is highly informative and has a user-friendly interface. This website is highly used by the United States of America and India.

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You can put your question on your account and people answer your questions. Quora also gives suggestions of the user from whom you can ask. All you need to do is select the topic, and you will get the questions and answers related to that particular question.

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2. HackerNews


Hacker News is a Site Similar To Reddit, which is owned by YCombinator. This website contains almost everything, from the vast topic of technologies to startups.

You will find the news posting by valid, trustworthy sources like BBS, Github, Microsoft, and so on.


Honestly saying, you will rarely find any funny or random threads here on Hacker News. This website has a basic rule to deliver content based on startup, entrepreneurship and the latest trend of technologies.

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Hubski is another great Reddit Alternative where you can find amazing, ideas, stories and thoughtful information and conversations. What else do we need?

Users can build a feed and create any content they wish to like along with following their preferred tag.

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Apart, here are the Hubski badges which are given to the active users, and they can allot those badges to their favourite post or comment.  There’s another feature naming as Hub Wheel which monitors your impact on Hubski.

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4. Mashable


Mashable is Websites Like Reddit, which is an addictive site and is full of informative content. You can stay updated with news of the latest technology, games, web development, gadgets, marketing tools, social media, etc.


Mashable is a user-friendly Reddit Alternative which is really easy to navigate.  Moreover, if we talk about its active users, Mashable is proudly owning  45 million unique visitors every month, and 28 million social media followers along with almost 7.5 million shares monthly.

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5. Digg


Digg is another excellent option that can be chosen as a Sites Similar To Reddit. If you are already tired of intricate UI of Reddit, then definitely Digg can be your next take.

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You will find all the information related to technologies, about the world and its people.  Digg comprises videos, stores and top stories for its users which make it stand alone in the crowd.  You can also take online courses starting from $2. What else you will look for?

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Final Word

It’s always refreshing to try hands in new technologies and social media alternative websites.  Try these apps and if you have any other Sites Like Reddit that you use, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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