How to Protect Your Computer from Becoming a Cryptocurrency Mining Machine

How to Protect Your Computer from Becoming a Cryptocurrency Mining Machine

Mining cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular with increase in the value and according to specialists around the world this value will only go up in coming future. Many people around the world have started to mine cryptocurrency in order to take hands on the share.

Cryptocurrency mining is a great way of earning income. And some legit websites owners and criminals are taking advantage of it. They have started to mine cryptocurrency on the user’s system and are fully unaware of it.

Some websites ask users to get ads free experience if they are willing to lend their system for mining. However, some do not ask the permission and start mining cryptocurrency when users visit the website.

One of the website is which asks the users to disable their ad blocker or takes the permission of users to use their system’s computing power in order to mine cryptocurrency. Whereas some other websites without the permission start mining on the user’s system.

Websites take use of JavaScript files which uses CPU to mine currency. Sometimes these files are transferred to the user’s system and then use its computing power to start mining cryptocurrency.

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Is it Bad For You?

Generally, you will not notice big changes in your system performance, however you can check the details, where you can find if the CPU usage is higher than the others.

Crypto mining will make your system work harder, which will affect your battery life and it will increase your power consumption. With increase in your power consumption there will be increase in your power bill.

How to Stop Mining?

There are different ways using which someone can mine cryptocurrency on your system.

Criminals can mine on the user’s system by using malware, which can be transferred to the user’s system from different sources like malicious attachments, adverts etc.

Many people mine cryptocurrency using browser add ons. Add ons get installed on the user’s system and then start mining cryptocurrency without the knowledge.

There are different ways using which you can stop your system from becoming cryptocurrency miner.

Disable JavaScript

One way to disable mining is to disable JavaScript. However, disabling JavaScript will affect other websites also.

Using Extensions For Disabling Coin Miners

There are different extensions available that will actively block mining websites.

These extensions have proved to be very effective against mining websites. These extensions will actively block scripts which run mining operation, these extensions will also block domains which are running mining operations. You can also whitelist website that you wish to run the mining operations.

Using Good Security Software

To become fully safe, you have to use good security software on your system. Security software will fully scan your system and remove any infection present on your system. Not only will it block illegal miners but it will also remove other infections.

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Cryptocurrency mining is becoming popular around the world, and some people are using it legally and some illegally. You have to make sure that you are not a victim of a mining program and no one is using your system as a mining rig. If you think you are a victim of such mining then you use this simple guide to stop it completely.

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