How to Automatically Free Up Storage Space in mac OS Sierra

How to Automatically Free Up Storage Space in mac OS Sierra

Storage capacity of hard drives are increasing day by day, however still modern users find them insufficient to store their data. It is due to this strong desire of space that various cloud storage companies gain immense popularity. When we turn the pages of the past we found that even 10 GB hard drive was considered more than enough, as that time Computers were only used to store the vital information. However nowadays computers are clogged with songs, movies, photos and almost everything that 1000’s of GB also not seems to be enough.
Now for the users of mac, there’s good news, macOS Sierra provides a new tool that helps you to free space of your hard drive.

How to get started:

  1. Click on Apple menu at top-left corner and select About This Mac.
  2. A new window will open showing all the details of your machine. Click on Storage tab.
  3. You will now see an overview of the free space and the space used by various files, including apps, photos. Now click on the Manage button.
  4. Once you click on the Manage button, your Mac will show various suggestions to optimize the storage.

Let’s discuss each options and find out what action they perform:
Store in iCloud:

This option frees the space of your system by uploading your files to iCloud. When you click on the Store in iCloud button, it will give you two options. 1. Store files from Desktop and Documents into iCloud Drive 2. Store photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library.
The first option will store all the files which are present on the desktop and the download folder to iCloud drive, whenever your system requires space. The files which are uploaded on cloud, have a cloud icon next to them. Whenever you want these files back on your system just double click on them.
The second option stores all the high-resolution photos and videos of system to the iCloud Photo Library. You can download these photos back to your system from iCloud anytime you wish.
Please note that you need ample amount of storage on your iCloud so that the uploading can be performed successfully.
Optimize Storage:

This option automatically removes the copies of iTunes movies and TV shows from your hard drive, which you have already watched. If you wish to download it again just click on the cloud icon next to a movie or TV shows.
Please note this option only works for the contents which you have purchased from iTunes.
Empty Trash Automatically:

This option automatically deletes the files from the trash which are older than 30 days. It means that once you have enabled this option then you need not have to worry about the trash folder anymore.
Reduce Clutter:

This option helps you locate the used apps and large files which you might no longer need. Click on Review Files and select the options from side bar. For example, if you click on the Document option, it will show you three categories of files: Large Files, Downloads and File Browser. Now you can easily spot which file is consuming the most space of your hard drive. Similarly, the iOS Files option shows how much space is occupied by the files which related to iPhone and iPad.
Though, you will find various apps over the App store which claims to free space on your hard disk, but believe me, it is always better to use the inbuilt tool of the operating system. Also, you do not need to spend a penny for using this tool.

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