Seal The Best Black Friday Deals 2020

Seal The Best Black Friday Deals 2020

Who doesn’t love gadgets? They are adored by one and all, by people from all ages. And, what better time to buy gadgets than Black Friday which is the biggest retail sales day in the United States. Mark our word for this! This Thanksgiving you will be thanking us for letting you in on some of the best Black Friday deals.

Now, it’s not just the outside that has to be strong, your devices especially laptops, PC’s and even phones have to be strong from inside. Which is why we will even be covering some of the best black Friday deals on software that will make your life easier for you to clean and optimize your devices even better.

So, grab your tub of popcorn and the deal before it poofs away! Get-set-go!

Best Hardware Black Friday Deals

SL.No Name Category
1 Roku Streaming Stick +  Streaming
2 MSI GF65 Thin RTX 2060 Gaming Laptop
3 Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker
4 Apple AirPods AirPods

1. Roku Streaming Stick +

Roku Streaming Stick

Category: Streaming | Price: $ 49.99 | Sale Price: $ 29 | Discount: $ 20 | Buy Link

Looking for a spectacular way to stream HD content on your favorite streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube TV and HBO, Roku Streaming Stick is an option you should definitely consider. And, now is the right time as you can get it at a much less price.

Its flash-drive size makes it extremely portable and it snugs fit into your TV’s HDMI port. In fact, you can take it anywhere you go – on business trips, vacations or even at a friends place.

Can’t access geo-restricted Netflix libraries with Roku Streaming Stick, time to couple it with a VPN and NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Roku Stick. You’d be delighted to know that NordVPN too is offering some amazing deals this Black Friday. Scroll down and seal the deal!

2. MSI GF65 Thin RTX 2060

MSI GF65 Thin RTX 2060

Category: Gaming Laptop | Price: $ 1299  | Sale Price: $ 1134 | Discount: $ 165  | Buy Link

If you are planning to switch your current laptop and want to invest into a machine which is also designed to give you the gaming experience of a lifetime, consider buying MSI GF65 Thin RTX 2060. You shouldn’t wait any further since as a part of Black Friday deals, you can get it at $ 1199 (approx. $ 100 off)

It packs a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7-9750H 6-core CPU, comes with a 512 GB SSD, 16 GB RAM and to top it all it has an integrated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics. You just can’t go wrong with these specs, can you?

3. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Category: Fitness Tracker | Price: $ 149.95 | Sale Price: $ 99.95 | Discount: $ 50 | Buy Link

Fitness trackers seem to have become a norm for every fitness fanatic out there. And, Fitbit Charge 4 is undoubtedly one of the best fitness trackers available. It has a 24/7 heart rate tracking, a battery backup that can last up to 7 days and tons of useful eeryday apps.

It doesn’t just keep you on your toes and makes you meet fitness goals but it also has a sleep mode with which you can mute your calls or set a vibrating alarm to wake up calmly.

 4. Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

Category: AirPods | Price:  $ 159 | Sale Price: $ 119 | Discount: $ 40 | Buy Link

With Apple AirPods it’s not just the out of the world sound experience that you get  but a lot  more than that. All you have to do is take them out of the charging case, put them in your ears and you are all good to go. The AirPods can easily be charged and set up with all Apple Devices, thanks to the newy Apple H1 headphone chip which helps connect your device seamlessly with these AirPods.

Best Software Black Friday Deals

SL.No Name Category
1  Nord VPN VPN
2 Black Friday Deals From Stellar Data Recovery/ File Shredding/ Audio-Video Conversion
3 CCleaner PC Cleaning
4 EaseUS Black Friday Deals Data Recovery/ Partition Management

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Category: VPN | Price: $ 286.80 (2 years)  | Sale Price: $ 89 (first 2 years) | Discount: $ 197.8 | Buy Link

A VPN is a powerful tool which conceals your online identity. It secures your online presence from hackers, ISP, government authorities and other prying eyes. And, NordVPN undoubtedly reigns as a leader when it comes to VPNs. It has more than 5500 servers spread across 59 countries, it has a strict no logs policy and is backed by AES-256 encryption.

NordVPN is raining discounts this Black Friday. It’s giving 68% off on it’s 2 years plan and you also get additional 3 months free. Isn’t that an awesome deal. Here’s how to install and setup NordVPN on Windows 10 and Mac

2. Black Friday Deals From Stellar

Black Friday Deals From Stellar

Category: Data Recovery/ File Shredding/ Audio-Video Conversion | Price: $ 224.99  | Sale Price: $ 39.95 | Discount: $ 185.04 | Buy Link

Your computer and phone can easily succumb to many issues that can cause a lot of damage to the data that resides inside. Your documents, photos, videos, audio files, etc that you have created and saved over years can be annhilated if you don’t have the right tools in place. Stellar arms you with the right tools and at the best possible price, thanks to its Black Friday deals.

It bundles six software namely – Standard Data Recovery, Repair for Photo, Password Recovery, Audio-Video Converter, Data Recovery for iPhone and BitRaser File Eraser all at a cost of just $ 39.95

3. CCleaner


Category: PC Cleaning | Price: $ 119.95 | Sale Price: $ 59.95 and get $ 40 cashback | Discount: $ 60 | Buy Link

One of the best PC cleaning and optimization tools which can comprehensively take care of your computer’s privacy, cleaning and optimization needs is CCleaner. It helps remove unnecessery files, online traces, temp files, old registries from your system and much more and thereby free up precious hard disk space.

The discount offered by CCleaner also included premium tech support which is inclusive of instant, online support for CCleaner.

Also Read: EaseUS Data Recovery Alternatives For Windows

4. EaseUS Black Friday Deals

EaseUS Black Friday Deals

Category: Data Recovery/ Partition Management | Price: NA| Sale Price:  $ 149.95| Discount: $ 59.95 | Buy Link

Losing crucial data from the computer can put your mental balance in jeopardy. This is where you ideally need a tool that can help you recover data.

For this task EaseUS offers you Data Recovery Pro.  Plus, as a part of its Black Friday deal it has even bundled another great software Partition manager that can help you manage partitions on your PC.


If you are a bargain-freek soul, Black Friday is just the opportunity you’ve been looking for to pamper your shopping needs. If you loved the blog, do give it a thumbs up and you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Flipboard. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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