Best Adware Removal Tool For Mac In 2024

Time to guard up against malicious popups, banners, redirects and other adware components with some of the best adware removal tools for Mac

Best Adware Removal Tool For Mac In 2024

Why should you remove adware from Mac? Quite possibly, because it might cause grave damage to your files or even render your Mac inoperable. But, let us tell you that the answer to this question is not this simple. Not every software or item that appears out of the blue could cause harm to your Mac, having said even small and harmless items are capable of wreaking havoc on your Mac.

In this blog, we’ll try and unearth what’s bad and what’s not – more specifically we’ll look into when to remove adware on Mac, manual ways of cleaning adware and we’ll even look at how you can remove adware using an adware removal tool for Mac.

What is Mac Adware?

Adware comprises two terms – advertisement and software. So, adware is an advertisement supporting software whose basic purpose is to generate revenue for the developer. A creator could be paid in the form of pay per click, pay per view or even pay per install

Adware mostly appears in the form of pop-up advertisements on your Mac screen and can cause a lot of irritation especially if they interrupt your interaction with an application.

From a broader perspective, there are two types of adware – the legitimate ones and the deceptive ones. The latter is also known as PUPs or potentially unwanted programs.

When Can Adware in Mac Pose Grave Danger

As Ian Davis, a senior threat researcher at BlackBerry states “Historically MacOS threats mainly centered around adware and trojanized downloaders of well-known software,”[1] and adware, although less lethal than malware, still fools Mac users and poses a threat. The question is when should you be on guard and take the necessary steps to remove adware from Mac.

  • If an ad on a legitimate website takes you onto questionable websites
  • In addition to the above, has your browser’s homage been replaced. This should immediately ring a bell
  • The software that you installed was bundled with applications that you didn’t want and are now interfering with your Mac’s operations (beware it could be a virus, spyware, ransomware, or malware)
  • Some adware can inject PUPs that guise as keyloggers that can track your keystrokes or online activities
  • If the application you installed slowed down your Mac

How To Remove Adware From Mac?

Most preferably, you should leave the task of removing adware from Mac to a dedicated Mac adware cleaner since these adware removal tools for Mac are developed by experts. They have inbuilt functionalities and algorithms with the help of which they can quickly track and remove adware and other malicious content in no time at all.

Having said that, knowing the manual tips and tricks to remove adware from Mac can help you keep Mac in good shape in the long run. We’ll discuss these ways later in the blog.

(i) Best Adware Removal Tools For Mac

It’s always a wise move to leave the task of adware removal from your Mac to a specialist tool. So, here are some of the best adware cleaners for Mac –

1. CleanMyMac X


CleanMyMac X is an efficient application that helps remove all kinds of potential threats and hidden ad scripts. In case the Adware on your Mac is a threat of any sort, CleanMyMac X donned the hat of adware removal tool for Mac.


All in one package that contains a variety of tools

Blocks malicious adware and any other viruses or popups

Not CPU intensive

Cleans Mac with one click

Removes hidden junk, temporary files, and unwanted background apps

Shred files in a way that no one can access those files ever again

Optimizes storage


The free version cleans 500 MB worth of junk

You might find few tools unnecessary

Read Complete Review on CleanMyMacX

2. iObit MacBooster 8

iObit Macbooster8

This Mac adware cleaner stands true to its name, it boosts your Mac’s performance manifold times by helping your Mac get rid of everything that takes up precious space. It could be large files, duplicates, or any other such items.


Scans your Mac deeply

Removes all kinds of malicious content such as spyware, adware, and viruses

Cleans over 20+ junk files

Great for users with smaller SSD hard disk

Turbo boost helps optimize disk space and even fixes several disk permission issues

Removes large files to free up storage space on Mac


Lacks real-time security

You might find some alerts extra scary

Click Here to Download MacBooster 8

Here’s an inside-out review of iObit MacBooster 8

3. Intego VirusBarrier

Intego Virus Barrier

VirusBarrier Scanner from Intego is primarily engineered to remove all kinds of viruses from your Mac. having said that it doesn’t treat malicious adware any differently.


Offers best malware protection

Contains NetBarrier that offers a firewall to advanced users

Efficiently kills ads on websites

Gives you the facility to backup files

Duplicate file finder


No native browser plugins

Doesn’t automatically quarantine or delete malicious files

Download Intego VirusBarrier

4. Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

Bitdefender Adware Tool

This adware removal tool for Mac quickly helps your Mac get rid of any malicious adware. It is simple and doesn’t interfere with the functioning of your Mac. The best part is that it is free of cost and it can easily eliminate hijacker programs, malicious plugins, and harmful add-ons from your Mac.


Available free of cost

Easy to use and engaging interface

Tackles and removes malware and adware with ease

Easy to install


The adware it identifies may be restricted to Genio and Vsearch

Download Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

(ii) Manual Ways To Remove Adware From Mac

1. With The Help of Finder

If there’s an application or applications that are unaccounted for, applications that came bundled with another application, it’s time to throw them out, and here’s how –

1. Open Finder

2. From the left-hand pane click on Applications

3. Look for any applications that you weren’t aware of and that is slowing your Mac

4. Right-click on it and Move to Trash

5. Now head to your dock, right-click on your trash, and click on Empty Trash 

2. Use The Activity Monitor

You can use the Activity monitor to get rid of malicious adware. For that –

1. Open Activity Monitor by typing its name in the Launchpad

2. Locate the malicious app which might have brought the bundled malicious adware along

3. Click on the X icon

3. Disable Unwarranted Extensions

If you don’t recognize an extension or if an extension has popped up recently after you installed an application, you should promptly remove it. Now, the steps may slightly differ based on what browser you are using. So, if you are using Safari –

1. Open Preferences

2. Go to Extensions

3. Select an extension that you are unaware of and uninstall it

For Chrome users –

1. Type chrome://extensions in the search bar

2. Locate unfamiliar extensions and click on Remove

Wrapping Up

Your adware removal strategy should advisably consist of using an adware removal tool for Mac and alongside, you should also exercise the above-mentioned simple ways to remove adware from your Mac. If the blog has been of help do give it a thumbs up and for more such tech content, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also find us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flipboard, and Tumblr.

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