Systems That Are Vulnerable To Attacks

Systems That Are Vulnerable To Attacks

Most of the departments and organizations across the globe rely on computer systems for various operations. While it has made management much easier in terms of time and resources, however, it has also made them vulnerable to security breaches. To secure their systems and minimize the risk of security breach many organizations follow vulnerability management process.

1. Financial Systems

Financial systems are prone to hacking. Financial institutions and organizations are one of the favorite targets of cybercriminals due to the information they contain. Financial systems consist of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Investment Banks, Commercial Banks, SWIFT etc. These systems contain information according to the financial work they are doing, this information is credit card information, account information, Brokerage account information. These details are the first thing that hackers steal, they also sell the information to other criminals which they then use it for their own gain.

2. Utilities

Everything is controlled by computers nowadays. Nuclear power plants, gas plants, powerhouses, and telecommunications are all controlled by a system of computers. These utilities are connected to the internet and can be hacked with knowledge and right piece of equipment.

3. Aviation

Aviation industry is made up of complex systems of the computer. These computers are interconnected and are connected to the internet. Aviation industry can be attacked and its complex systems can be hampered, resulting in dangerous situations like a plane crashing, sending the plane off its course and to create chaos.

4. Consumer Durables

Devices like Desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, smart wearables, tablets and other smart devices are vulnerable to hacking. These smart devices contain valuable information such as accounting information, personal passwords, and sensitive information. Also, many home automation devices can also be hacked easily which leads to robbery and other crimes.

5. Corporations

Usually, large corporations are a target of the hackers or other rival organizations. The main reasons for these attacks are to sabotage operations, to extract important information, and to gain personal profit. Attacks are also performed on the organizations to extract records which then leads to different other kinds of attacks. These records generally, contain medical records, personal information and social security number which will be used for identity theft.

6. Automobiles

Modern autonomous vehicles work on the complex system of computers, even the normal vehicles are equipped with the computer to control engine, brakes, suspension, door, airbags, and stereo. The computer systems used in the vehicles are vulnerable to attacks which makes them the target of the hackers. Once hacked these vehicles are given a specific command or their components are sabotaged.

Vehicle manufacturing companies are fixing vulnerabilities and making their system more secure, however, with technological advancements securing the systems can be very difficult.

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7. Government

All the divisions of the government are now equipped with the computers. All their information is now stored on the computers. Also, government amenities like traffic lights and emergency services are also controlled by the computer system. Once these systems are hacked, records can be stolen or the emergency services can be hampered.

8. IOT (Internet of Things)

IOT (Internet of Things) is a system of connected devices. These devices are embedded into different things like houses and vehicles.  These devices are interconnected in order to work together by sending and receiving information. Complex system of IOT can be hacked and all the information can be extracted from the devices.

9. Medical Devices

Medical devices like implants, diagnostic equipment, and lifesaving equipment can be hacked. Attacking on medical devices can be very dangerous as it can cost someone their life. New ways are being developed to secure these devices.

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We all know about cyber-attacks and its consequences. However, on a larger scale, these attacks can do more damage than we can think of. Different organizations are trying to secure the systems and stop cyber-attacks completely using vulnerability testing on their systems. However, hackers are getting more and more capable of hacking complex system. To stop criminals, we also have to be self-aware and take protective steps to secure our system.

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