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How to Stay Protected From Online Dating Scams
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How to Stay Protected From Online Dating Scams

Scammers are everywhere, they are waiting for the opportunity to scam users and steal their hard-earned money. Another scam that has become very popular is the Internet id Dating Scam, where scammers scam lonely people.

What is Online Dating Scam?

In Online Dating Scam individuals pose as a legit person and then try to scam users. Scammers usually demand money, however, in some case they may demand more than that as well.

Scammers list themselves on dating websites, social media and other applications. They take advantage of people who are looking for love and potential life partners. Scammers try to extract money, personal information and gifts from people.

How is it Done?

With the growth of online users increasing, number of people using dating websites has also increased. Scammers create fake profile on the dating websites and on social media platforms.

Scammers show themselves as legitimate person by providing wrong information. They show themselves as a respected person with a stable professional life.

They send request over the websites, once you become friends with them, they try to gain your trust. After certain amount of time and gaining your trust they will demand money and other stuff.

Scammers will make you believe that they are in some sort of problem and want money to get out of it. They will also ask for your banking details, which can be used for fraud transactions.

Scammers will try to gain trust of the victim by any means possible. They even send picture of themselves making it more realistic.  In return they may also ask for pictures and videos mostly of intimate nature.

Once they get what they want, scammers use them to blackmail the victim.

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How to Know About a Scammer Beforehand and Stay Protected?

There are many ways using which you can know about the scammer. They may be perfect but they will leave subtle clues which will help you to identify them.

  • They will send you messages regularly and force you to send money.
  • Scammers will say that they are from your country and working overseas.
  • They will constantly remind you of the different problems they are facing.
  • They will always deny meeting you and constantly give excuses.


  • Do not send money to a person you haven’t met.
  • If they deny video call, then it can be a scam.
  • Do not send your personal pictures to someone you haven’t met, as they can be used for blackmailing.
  • If you are going to meet the person, then take all the necessary protection and inform your family and friends beforehand.
  • Do not disclose and share your banking information to strangers.

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Never trust anyone online, they can be your best friend or can be your worst nightmare. Be prepared for any situation worst or the best. No matter if you are already scammed or currently dating someone online this article will help you to stay protected from online dating scam.