How to set up a picture password in Windows 10/8:

How to set up a picture password in Windows 10/8:

Setting up a Picture Password is a perfect replacement to those old-fashioned passwords and is pretty much an easy task to accomplish.
With the advent of Windows 8 and Windows 10 came new login options like using Picture Password or using a PIN.

Picture Password, what is it?

Picture Password allows you to sign in to Windows easily, eliminating the need of remembering those long and confusing passwords. With Picture Passwords one can enjoy the moment by drawing patterns or shapes, making the correct gestures that were chosen at the time of setting the Picture Password.
Just as PINs, Picture Passwords too are very much secure to use. While signing you always have the option to switch to password instead of PIN or Picture Password. All you need to do is click the “Sign-in options” and then opt for the option you wish to login through.

How to Set Up a Picture Password

Setting up a Picture Password is a simple and straightforward process. We’re going to walk you through it.

  1. Click on Start button type Settings and then click on it, or simply press Windows+I to bring up the Settings window.
    settings screen
  2. On the settings windows click on Accounts.
    accounts screen
  3. Here select Sign-in Options from the left panel > Now from the right panel click Add under Picture Password section.
    sign in options
  4. Windows will then verify that you are the owner of the account, for this it will ask you to enter your password. Type your password and click OK.
    login password
  5. From the Picture Password window, click on the Choose Picture button. Using the Open/Save dialog box, browse the picture you wish to use.
    choose picture
    select picture
  6. Post this, click on Use this picture button to continue, or if you wish to try more pictures click on the Choose new picture button.
    after selecting the picture
  7. After selecting the picture, you will be prompted to draw three gestures on the pictures. You can either click, draw a simple line or a circle. You have to draw these gestures one by one. The number will keep progressing from 1 to 3 as you draw each gesture.
  8. Once you have finished drawing all the three gestures you will be asked to redraw them to confirm the password. In case of any mistake while confirming the patterns, simply click Start over button and try again.
    gesture start over
    Or Simply click Finish to implement the new Picture Password.
    after setting up the password
  9. Now, next time when you sign in, your sign-in screen will look something like the image below. Just draw your gestures on the picture and Windows will sign you right in.

    That’s it.

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