How To Protect Android From Malware (2024 Edition)

How To Protect Android From Malware (2024 Edition)

It is still a prominent myth that malware infections are limited to computers only. RottenSys Malware, KevDroid, RedDrop, Skygofree are some of the common examples of Android Malware. Now since the world is shrinking to hand-held devices that are used for all most everything i.e. from sending a confidential email to making digital transactions, Android malware can be more lethal than expected.

Also, attackers from all around the world now feel that targeting an Android is comparatively easier than targeting a system.  There is a significant lack of awareness among Android users regarding the malware. Moreover, only a handful of users use an updated security application (antivirus/anti malware) in Android phones like they use in computers.

Although Google with every update of Android strengthens the security features in Android but we also have to take the responsibility to avoid malware from getting into our Android phones. In this article we have summed up some easy steps that will help you avoid malware on Android.

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Always Install Apps from Google Play Store:

Malicious apps can be one of the simplest path through which a malware can make an entry on Android. These fake apps pretend to be genuine and trick the user into installing them on their phones. Now once the user installs them they start their filthy activities like stealing your personal information and sending them to its servers. And the user always remains unaware of it as the app does all that while running in the background.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to always install the apps from Google Play Store. Also, when there are millions of apps available and that too of every category on Play Store then there is no valid reason to install an app out from Play Store.

google play

But many a times users in the desire of getting early access to a particular app that is presently unavailable in his respective country turns to third party websites and makes his Android phone open for all type of malware.

Google tool feels that installing an app from untrusted sources can be dangerous therefore by default it has disabled the option to install apps that come from unknown sources (out of Google Play Store).


Also, in case it is utterly necessary for you to download an app from outside Google Play Store then just go through the website from which you are downloading that app. Firstly check that whether that website too is SSL secured or not. Also, search on the web so that you can get some reviews about the website and the app you are going to download. If you find anything suspicious then it is better to avoid downloading that app.

Stay Away from Third-Party App Stores:

Like malicious apps there also exist many third-party app stores that are filled with malicious apps. These third-party app stores if once allowed to install on Android can automatically install other malicious apps in the background, leaving the complete security of your device at risk. Therefore, whenever you need to install an app search it on Google Play Store and install it from there. Although in the past few months the legitimacy of Google Play Store has also come under the scanner many a times.  But we cannot deny the constant efforts that Google puts in to prohibit the entry og malicious apps. Also, there’s still no other place safer than Google Play Store to install an app.

Never Install Pirated Apps to Save Few Bucks:

Yeah, it’s an old saying that money saved is equal to money earned but it nowhere means that you install a pirate version of a paid app. If you are installing a pirated app then you are not only disrespecting hard work of a developer but also opening the door for malicious apps.

Like in Windows, a pirate software can ramp down your complete system, similarly, a pirated app can also steal a vital information from your Android phone and that too in background. A pirated app fools users for an original app and once installed can let in other malware on your Android without your notice. Therefore, it’s always better to pay the price for the app on Play Store than to install its pirated version to end in all sort of problems.

Watch Out for Fake Apps Even While Installing from Play Store

As discussed earlier Google Play Store is too filled with some malicious and fake apps. Although Google is strictly reviewing all the apps that are on Play Store however still it is quite obvious that a malicious app can sneak in.

whatsapp Messenger

Some common examples of such fake apps are WhatsApp and VLC that have been installed by millions of users in disguise. Before installing an app look out for the permissions that it is demanding, check out for reviews that are posted by the users. A legitimate app developer always reverts for all posted reviews. Also in case you find something fishy in Play Store then you can also report it directly to Google.

Never Ignore System Updates:

Google too is concerned about malware prevailing in Android therefore periodically releases the system updates that contains security patches for all the previous bugs and possible coming threats.

Many a times when we do not find any major feature upgrade in an update we tend to ignore it. However, every update itself contains security fixes for all the prevailing vulnerabilities that may affect your Android Phone.

Use A Reliable Android Security Application

If you feel that following all the above steps can be a cumbersome process for you then you can navigate to installing a trustworthy mobile security app. Make sure you download the latest version of the app from the official Google Play Store only and not from any third-party app store or website as these websites may trick you into installing a malicious app for the sake of a security app.

If you search on Play Store, then you will find lots of anti-malware apps, some free but with limited functionality and some are paid options packed with advanced protection tools. If you do not wish to spend your money on the paid apps, then you can download Smart Phone Cleaner by Systweak Software, a one-stop solution that gives your Android device      all-round protection from malware, while boosting its performance and speed.

smart phone cleaner

The app has all the features that are needed for protecting Android from malware, ranging from real-time protection by prompting an automatic warning if you are trying to install any malicious or compromised app. It comes with a Safe web browsing functionality that detects and notifies you about the harmful websites you’re about to surf. Its built-in Scheduler helps users to set automatic malware scanning at regular intervals to keep the latest threats and vulnerabilities at bay. Not only this, Smart Phone Cleaner not only scans your internal storage space for potential threats, but it also runs a robust scan on your SD card for complete protection.

The scan engine of the app is highly efficient and deeply scans your device thoroughly in a couple of minutes to detect any new or existing infection. Plus, the malware definitions database is regularly updated by the developers so that your device remains protected even from the recently detected threats and infections.

Besides excellent malware protection, it offers tons of modules to clean junk files, app caches, duplicates, file manager, game booster, battery saver, and whatnot.

Click Here To Install Smart Phone Cleaner!

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It’s not hard to secure your Android from malware. A little bit of awareness can protect all your vital information from being getting into the hands of attackers and later to dark web. All you need to do is  just follow the above-listed methods along with securing your Android with an anti-malware app to avoid any malware from making an entry in Android.

So, readers, that’s it from our side for now. We will keep you updated from all type of security threats and infections from time to time. Also, if you find the article useful and worthy then do share it with your friends and family.

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