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How To Delete Or Deactivate LinkedIn Account?
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How To Delete Or Deactivate LinkedIn Account?

Now “LinkedIn” is not a new word for us! It has gained its popularity from last year in terms of branding, product management or even when a person wants to get hired, he will run towards LinkedIn. I am sure we people are already using this platform in the blanket of building professional networks or looking for a branding. Indeed, no one wants to stay away from this platform.


As far as my opinion is concerned, this website offers detail regarding a person’s working experience and other curriculum activities. Apart from this if you open someone’s LinkedIn profile, you will get to know about the last interaction that person did or any other recent activities they did for example, they liked someone’s comment or have shared a post.

This procedure leads to many menace and mishaps that many users are looking forward to deactivating or permanently deleting their LinkedIn profiles.

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Writer’s Tip- But wait! Before proceeding with any of these methods, there is a hidden trick that you can tweak on the LinkedIn settings.  As we said, your profile is visible to everyone on LinkedIn and everyone can watch your profile activity.

So here we are going to edit your profile visibility. To begin with the process, tap on my profile (your picture icon) on the right upper side.

Click o Privacy & Security.

Here you need to click on Privacy tab and choose Edit Your Public Profile.


You see an option that says Edit Visibility that is located on the right side pane.  Toggle the feature that says “Your Profile’s Public Visibility”

linkedin profile visibility

With this tip, you don’t need to deactivate or delete your LinkedIn profile.

If you are still worried and want to continue with the method to completely shut off your account, don’t worry we got your back! Follow this blog and get the best ways to delete or deactivate LinkedIn accounts easily.

Therefore, if you are someone who is looking to get wiped up completely from LinkedIn you can go for the delete method. But if you want to take a temporary action, you can start with a deactivating method.

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Deactivate LinkedIn Account

Alright, so deactivate LinkedIn account start with signing your profile and now refer to the below steps:

  • As you see on your image icon which is located on the right side above side. Tap on it to proceed with further steps.

linkedin profile

  • You will get an option of “Settings & Privacy”, click on it to enter into the Settings page.

view profile

  • In this page, navigate to the Account tab, and on the left side there is an option of “Account management”

profile security

  • Once you tap on “Account Management”, tap on “Hibernating LinkedIn Account” as shown in the below image.

account management

  • Here follow the instructions and check mark on the reason why you are deactivating your account followed by the next option.
  • You will be asked to enter your password in order to confirm the changes.

Hence by this method your LinkedIn account will be deactivated. Now we will discuss the steps to delete your profile. So you have to follow the same step as you performed in the above method to deactivate your profile.

Once you reach the Account Management tap on “Closing your LinkedIn Account” located in the right side pane. Refer to the below image.

account management

You need to enter the reason followed by the Next option.

profile varification

  • In this page, enter the password and then tap on Close Account.


Here you go! This is how you can both deactivate and delete your account.

So What’s Your Take?

Hopefully, we have shared a list of series that will help you in both deleting and deactivating LinkedIn accounts easily. However, if you have any other method to trick that you want to share with us, let me know in the comments section below.

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